Taking Back the Word Sales

first_imgWhen I teach undergraduates my Personal Selling course (a survey on business-to-business sales), I begin the class by asking the students to tell me what words they would use to describe salespeople. Without failure, I hear words like “greedy,” “selfish,” and “manipulative.” I wait until I have a nice consensus that salespeople are in fact selfish scumbags before I spring my trap.Once I have listed all the negative stereotypes, I ask anyone who has a parent that works in sales to raise their hands. Normally about twenty-five percent of the students raise their hands. Some of their parents are entrepreneurs, making them salespeople, too.I ask the question, “So, Johnny, your dad is a manipulative, self-centered, dirt bag salesperson, huh? Johnny protests: “No way! My Dad is a great guy. His customers love him! He’s always finding ways to help them!” And I am certain this is true of Johnny’s father, and all the other fathers, mothers, and other family members that sell, too.The stereotypes are no longer true. Nor is the negative connotation.A Sense of PrideI sell. I am a salesperson.You sell. It’s what you do. That makes you a salesperson.Some of us have decided to call ourselves “business development,” in an attempt to distance ourselves from the word “sales.” There isn’t any more potent or powerful way to develop business than selling.Others have decided that they “facilitate buying decisions,” to put some space between what they do and a title they choose not to embrace. But salespeople have been “facilitating buying decision” for as long as their have been salespeople.Still others have decided to call themselves “consultant” to avoid having don the moniker “salesperson.” Or they instead call themselves “advisor” or “specialist.” They’re still salespeople, and they’re still selling.The behavior of millions of salespeople over the last few decades has proven the stereotypes wrong. The negative connotation only persists because we allow it to. And if a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch, then every profession must be equally tainted.Let’s take the word sales back. The next time someone asks you what you do, proudly look them in the eye and say, “I’m a salesperson.”QuestionsDo you embrace that you are a salesperson?What words do you use to describe what you do? Is there a single word among that list that is truly negative?Why do the negative connotation and negative stereotypes still persist, even when they’ve been invalid for decades?Are you proud of what you do for your company and your clients? Isn’t what you are doing what selling really is?last_img read more

Cellars’ market

first_imgA vertical collection of Chateau Mouton Rothschild Vintages 1945 to 2005 in MagnumWhy collect wine? Many wine lovers look no further than this evening’s dinner. Consumer studies show that almost 90 per cent of the wine purchased is consumed on the same day. However, there are dedicated oenophiliacs to whom,A vertical collection of Chateau Mouton Rothschild Vintages 1945 to 2005 in MagnumWhy collect wine? Many wine lovers look no further than this evening’s dinner. Consumer studies show that almost 90 per cent of the wine purchased is consumed on the same day. However, there are dedicated oenophiliacs to whom building a well-stocked wine cellar is a labour of love. One that very often yields good returns.A good reason to begin collecting wine is that fine wine improves with age, and a stint in the cellar will only add value. As wine ages, the aromas and flavours combine and change from the exuberant fruitiness of youth to the more complex and earthy pleasures of maturity. The mark of the connoisseur is to have an idea when each wine will be at its finest-a knowledge honed simply by extensive tasting and appreciating. After all a well-aged wine tastes finer.The dedicated collector will often find that apart from the taste, the price of the wine improves as appreciably over time. Though it cannot be guaranteed, it is often enough the case that savvy savourers of the spirit have learned to finance their own wine consumption by judiciously selling off a selection that has increased in value. The golden rule: buy what you know you will really like.Over the last 20 years, the weighted average price of fine wine has increased 14 per cent each year. The definition of “fine and rare wine” is that it not only improves with age, but with time, appreciates in value as well.The liquid gold collection: three centuries of Chateau D’yquemThe basics of collectingThe factors that influence appreciation are similar to those in other fields of collection: quality, condition, provenance and rarity. Of course, only high quality wine will be traded. Simply being the product of a famous vineyard, however, is not by itself sufficient. To be valuable, a bottle of wine must be in good condition, and must have been stored in the right conditions. The best conditions for storing wine are in cool, dark, and damp places. If your house does not quite fit the bill, despair not. There are warehouses in most major cities that will store wine under ideal conditions, helping to assure its quality and value. The perfect cellar should be maintained between 55 Degree and 60 Degree F (13-16 Degree C) and at a relative humidity of between 70 and 80 per cent, sheltered from light and vibration.Even with perfect storage, though, the value of wine can change over time. For example the 1971 vintage of the Burgundy Romanee-Conti has roughly doubled in price since 2005, trading recently at $10,980 (Rs 5 lakh) per bottle. During these six years, however, the wine has sold for as much as $13,420 (Rs 6.1 lakh) per bottle, and as little as $3,884 (Rs 1.8 lakh), demonstrating the difference information can make when buying and selling.advertisementAn assortment of vintage corksOver time the appreciation can be startling. The landmark 1989 vintage of Bordeaux wine Chteau Haut-Brion sold for $1,267 (Rs 57,530) per dozen in 1995, and a case sold in Hong Kong for $24,653 (Rs 11.2 lakh).Fortunately for those starting out, it’s not always necessary to buy a wine as it is released, to profit from it. One of the most actively traded Italian wines is Sassicaia, from the Bolgheri region of Tuscany. The year 1985 has long been considered a very fine year from this producer, and as recently as May 2010, a case of 12 in good condition could be had in a New York sale for $13,309 (Rs 6 lakh). Later that same week, another case traded hands for $27,449 (Rs 12.5 lakh).Ultimately, the best way to buy wine is to buy what you like and build expertise. This will allow a new collector to concentrate on a relatively narrow selection of wines. It then becomes easy to decide “Which producer?”, “What year?”, and most importantly, “How much should I pay?”Start with BordeauxThe foundation of any solid collection is the wine from the Bordeaux region. At auction house Christie’s, Bordeaux wines represent between 70 and 80 per cent of the turnover in most sales. Bordeaux is an easy choice since the wines are widely collected and traded, for two basic reasons. First, they improve with time in the bottle, and second, the level of quality is consistent. Terrantez-Vintage 1795 colourBordeaux, however, is a rather broad category; there are thousands of producers in the region. Luckily for the new collector, the wines were classified back in 1855 into a number of groups, enabling easy differentiation.Appreciation is strongest for the wines I refer to as the Bordeaux Big Ten, which include those classified back in 1855 as Premiers Crus, or First Growths. These chateaux are Lafite-Rothschild, Latour, and Mouton-Rothschild from the village of Pauillac, Chateau Margaux from the village of the same name, and Haut-Brion from the outskirts of the city of Bordeaux. This hallowed group is joined by another group of five properties from the other side of the Gironde river that are essentially their equivalents in quality, although they were not really classified in 1855. These include Cheval Blanc and Ausone in St.-Emilion and Petrus, Le Pin and Lafleur in Pomerol.These wines appreciate most quickly, but are also, deservedly, the most expensive. Prices vary with vintage and time. Expect to pay an average of $1,500 (Rs 68,100) per bottle for a good vintage, and much more for desirable ones. Prices can range from $5,000 to $10,000 (Rs 2.3 lakh to 4.6 lakh) per bottle at the top end.To keep this in perspective, decide upon your goals. For many, the idea of drinking $5,000 bottles of wine seems unattainable. If one is buying for investment, however, it is easier to accept the premise as one doesn’t invest in the stock market based on the price per share, but rather on the rate of return. It is certainly true of these wines since they provide the best return over an extended period.There is another level of Bordeaux that still appreciates in value and quality over time but is not quite as expensive. These wines, known as Super Seconds are second growth producers that can in a good year make a wine that is close to first growth quality. Because of their somewhat lower prestige and slightly less robust rate of return in the market, however, they sell for considerably less. The list of the top Super Seconds in the Medoc includes Chateau Leoville-Las-Cases (first of the seconds) and Leoville-Poyferre and Leoville-Barton, all from the commune of St.-Julien, as well as Montrose and Cos d’Estournel from St.-Estephe, and Pichon-Lalande and Pichon-Baron from Pauillac. Here one can sometimes find a good bottle of vintage priced between $200 and $500 (Rs 9,080 and 22,700).Charles Curtis, head of wine, Asia, at the Hong Kong Latour Sale, that gently hints at youthful greenThe world of BurgundyAdding some Burgundy wines to the collection is the next logical step though the classification is less straightforward, and vintage variation is greater. The quantities produced are much smaller than those in Bordeaux, and prices are correspondingly higher. The best strategy remains the same: choose a producer or two and focus on a more limited group of wines to begin with.Here, the gold standard is the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. Collecting Romanee-Conti is the sport of billionaires and kings, with prices averaging $10,000 (Rs 4.6 lakh) per bottle in a good vintage and soaring to $100,000 (Rs 46 lakh) and beyond for the greatest years. Echezeaux and Grands Echezeaux are the least expensive, followed by Romanee-St.-Vivant, Richebourg, La Tache, and their white wine Montrachet. Others in collectible Burgundy include Henri Jayer, Armand Rousseau and Domaine Leroy. Wine prices here can range from $500 to $2,000 (Rs 22,700 to Rs 90,800) per bottle.Bordeaux and Burgundy are the classic regions for wine collecting, and together make up 95 per cent of the auction market for wines. What of the rest of the world? Champagne is a good addition to any cellar, and the names to look for include Krug, Cristal, and Dom Perignon. The wines of the Rhone valley in France are also gaining popularity, and those of Etienne Guigal, especially the Cote Rotie wines, namely, La Landonne, La Mouline, and La Turque are highly desirable. In Italy, Sassicaia is popular, as are Ornellaia and Masseto from the same region and the Barolos from Giacomo Conterno and Barbarescos from Angelo Gaja. Expect to pay $500-$2,000 bottle for a top vintage from any of these producers.While there are less expensive wines than this that will improve in quality with time in the bottle, they will seldom appreciate in value, and often it is impossible to sell them at all. The best strategy when collecting vintage wines is to buy the best that you can afford and hold onto them. After a suitable interval in the cellar you can reap your rewards, whether you choose to drink or sell.The author is head of wine for Asia at Christie’s.advertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

CSA announces extensive stadia infrastructure upgrade

first_imgJohannesburg, Jun 12 (PTI) Cricket South Africa (CSA) will spend R200 million in the next few months to upgrade and refurbish stadia where the new T20 Global League will be played in November this year. An additional R150 million will be spent on upgrades at CSA facilities across the country over the next three years. “R200 million will be invested during the next few months on improvements like cutting-edge artificial lighting systems, advanced sports field technology and LED scoreboards, as well as revamping change-rooms and media centres,” CSA Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said. “We want our cricket stadiums to be world class and having recognised the need to improve our facilities, we are in a very fortunate position to be able to do so,” Lorgat added. “Looking ahead over the next two years, CSA are planning to implement new designs and features like improved wifi signal and reach, crowd flows and ticketing systems to enhance fan experience,” stated Lorgat. “Our aim is for the T20 Global League to rank among the worlds best T20 leagues and enhancing the in-stadium experience of fans is essential.” Work has already begun across the country to ensure the stadium work is completed before the start of the new season and before the inaugural T20 Global League tournament kicks off. The eight franchise owners of the league will be announced in London on June 19, a day after the ICC Champions Trophy final. PTI FH AH AHlast_img read more

Farnell: wide range of products and support for educators and students

first_img Continue Reading Previous Socionext implements AV1 encoder on FPGA over cloud serviceNext SEGGER expands Embedded Studio PRO by adding IoT and security components Farnell element14, the Development Distributor, is helping to create the next generation of digital engineers by providing kits and support to help youngsters to learn the fundamental skills of coding. The company offers one of the widest range of educational aids targeted at tomorrow’s coders and application developers including products such as Codebug, BBC micro:bit, Raspberry PI and the newly launched Arduino CTC101 classroom kit.Key products suitable for coding education at different ages are:•            Codebug is a small coding device for students age 7+.  Shaped like a ladybird, CodeBug provides a fun and engaging way to build interactive devices.  The device incorporates 25 LED lights, 2 control buttons, and  6 ‘legs’ which can be used to connect croc-clips, banana plugs or even sewn to.  Ideas to get started with the Codebug can be found on the element14 community.•            The BBC micro:bit was developed to teach students from age 11+.  Measuring 4cm by 5cm, it is available in a range of colours and designed to be fun and easy to use. Similar to the Codebug, it can be coded with no prior knowledge of computing although has more extensive functionality such as motion detection, a built-in compass and Bluetooth technology to test young coders as they develop their skills, exposing them to technology which existing in the world around them. Ideas to get started with the BBC micro:bit can be found on the element14 community.•            Farnell element14 has also recently launched several add-ons for the BBC micro:bit that help to build fun and support into learning to code. These include the mi:node, which is designed to teach youngsters the basics of IoT mechanics as interconnectivity becomes part of their everyday lives, and the MBIT-WEARIT- Development Kit, a versatile micro:bit enclosure specially designed to build mobile applications that can be used with a wrist strap, keyring or lanyard.•            Within Arduino’s wide range of education products stocked by Farnell element14 is the Arduino CTC101 classroom kit: a modular program aimed at teaching students, aged 13 to 17 years, the foundations of programming, electronics, and mechanics through a series of playful, well-documented projects and easy-to-assemble experiments.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more

Arsenal waiting on Welbeck update

first_imgArsenal Arsenal waiting on Welbeck update following fresh injury setback Chris Burton Last updated 2 years ago 14:48 18/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Danny Welbeck Arsenal Cesc Fabregas Chelsea 170917 Getty Arsenal Chelsea v Arsenal Chelsea Premier League Arsène Wenger The England international was forced off during a 0-0 draw at Chelsea, with Arsene Wenger confirming that he is nursing a groin complaint Arsenal are waiting to discover the full extent of the latest injury setback suffered by Danny Welbeck.The England international has endured a string of fitness issues in recent years, with regular spells on the treatment table severely limiting his game time.Gunners 6/1 to beat West Brom 2-0 Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing He had enjoyed a positive opening to the 2017-18 campaign and was included from the start by Arsene Wenger as the Gunners picked up a 0-0 draw away at London rivals Chelsea on Sunday.Welbeck was, however, forced off during the second half of that contest and his manager has confirmed that another stint on the sidelines is awaiting the unfortunate 26-year-old.Wenger told reporters: “He has a groin problem.”I don’t know how severe it is but it looks like a ‘good’ groin problem, not an easy one.”Danny Welbeck ArsenalWhile disappointed to see Welbeck pick up another knock, Wenger was delighted with the effort put in by his side at Stamford Bridge – a venue that has not been a happy hunting ground for his side of late.”People forget that two months ago we beat Chelsea in the Cup final and they don’t give you the Cup, you know,” said the Frenchman, who has seen his team respond positively to a 4-0 drubbing at Anfield prior to the first international break of the season.”Overall I believe we have shown that many times. It’s true you have to accept criticism when we deliver the kind of performance we had at Liverpool – the only way to respond is on the pitch and that’s what we did today.”We responded well in domains where we were questioned and I like when the team shows that kind of response.“It was vital for us even above the result to come out with a solid performance on that front.”Arsenal are unbeaten in three outings since their defeat on Merseyside, with four points collected in the Premier League and a winning start made to their Europa League campaign.last_img read more

Province to Reduce SecondHand Smoke

first_imgFewer Nova Scotians will be exposed to second-hand smoke. That’sthe goal of Nova Scotia’s Office of Health Promotion as HealthPromotion Minister Rodney MacDonald launches Smoke Free Around Metoday, March 11. Smoke Free Around Me is a campaign designed toraise awareness about the dangers of exposure to second-handsmoke in the home. “Second-hand smoke makes people sick. In fact, every year in NovaScotia 200 people die from exposure to second-hand smoke,” saidMr. MacDonald. “The Smoke Free Around Me campaign gives NovaScotians the tools to protect their families and loved ones fromthe dangers of second-hand smoke in the home.” Each household in the province will receive a package by mailcontaining information about second-hand smoke and a window signdeclaring their home smoke free. The campaign’s website –www.smokefreearoundme.ca — invites people to register their homeas smoke free, provides information on the benefits of a smokefree home and tips to make the home smoke free. The campaign alsoincludes advertisements in newspapers and on radio andtelevision. “There is no safe level of second-hand smoke and we believe thatby increasing knowledge and encouraging discussion, this campaignwill change attitudes and behaviours,” said Nancy Hoddinott,manager of the provincial tobacco control strategy. “If peoplesmoke, we are encouraging them to smoke outside to protect thehealth of people in their homes.” “Research continues to mount on the dangers of second-hand smokeexposure and we are confident this campaign can make a differencein the health of the people in our communities,” said theminister. “Twenty-two per cent of Nova Scotians smoke, buteveryone can be exposed to second-hand smoke.” Public Health Services in the Guysborough Antigonish StraitHealth Authority and the Cape Breton District Health Authorityoriginally developed and launched the campaign in their owncommunities in April 2004. The campaign was such a success it isnow being expanded to include the rest of the province, thanks tofunding from Health Canada. Nova Scotia’s Tobacco Control Strategy, introduced in October2001, is a seven-part plan that focuses on legislation andpolicy; tobacco pricing and taxation; treatment and cessation;monitoring and evaluation; community initiatives; school-basedprograms; and public awareness.last_img read more

Punjab 2 killed 5 injured after blast in Amritsar

first_imgNew Delhi: An explosion at a scrap dealer’s house in Putlighar area of Amritsar on Monday left two people dead and five injured.a The blast occurred at a scrap dealer’s house in the area, according to a Hindustan Times report. A head constable of Punjab home guard and child were among the people injured in the explosion. According to the report, neighbours said that the scrapped goods were brought from police station confinement and added that ammunition was also among the goods. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra SinghPolice have already begun their investigation to identify the object which triggered the blast. Commenting on the incident, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said, “Saddened to learn about the blast in Putlighar area of Amritsar which has left 2 dead and 5 injured. I have ordered Punjab Police to investigate the root cause of the blast.” “My condolences to the family members of the deceased and prayers for the speedy recovery of the injured,” he added.last_img read more

Andy Murray ramps up comeback with 1st ATP Tour win since surgery

first_imgZhuhai (China): Andy Murray ground out his most significant victory since major hip surgery with a 6-3, 6-7 (6/8), 6-1 win over Tennys Sandgren on Tuesday at the Zhuhai Championships. This was the former number one’s first triumph in a singles match on the ATP Tour since the 32-year-old had a career-saving operation in January. A three-time Grand Slam winner but now ranked 413 in the world, the Briton has competed mostly in doubles since and recently played singles on the lower-level Challenger Tour. Also Read – We will push hard for Kabaddi”s inclusion in 2024 Olympics: RijijuHe faces seventh seed Alex de Minaur of Australia in the second round in southern China after coming through a physically demanding test lasting more than two and a half hours. Murray looked exhausted at the end, slumping in his chair and puffing out his cheeks. There were glimpses of Murray at his best as he sealed the first set in 41 minutes after the 69th-ranked Sandgren planted a backhand wide. Murray, finally free of hip pain and now attempting to build up his creaking body for the rigours of elite tennis, gave a subtle fist-pump. Also Read – Djokovic to debut against Shapovalov at Shanghai MastersMurray squandered match point in the second-set tie break as Sandgren forced a deciding set. But the American folded in the third, seemingly affected by a foot injury which required extensive strapping with him 3-0 down in the decider. Victory was a small measure of revenge for Murray, who lost to the 28-year-old last month in his second singles tournament since his return. After Zhuhai, the China Open in Beijing and the Shanghai Masters, Murray will return to Europe to compete in Antwerp, making it a testing next month on the long road to rehabilitation. Prior to facing Sandgren in Zhuhai, Murray told AFP that it would be “naive” and “silly” to think he will ever return to being the player that surged to number one in 2016.last_img read more

A tribute to Gandhi

first_img‘Gandhi in 150 Anecdotes’ brings alive the story of one of the most revered leaders in modern history through 150 rare and inspiring incidents from his life – tracing his evolution from a shy boy to a courageous leader – this collectible edition is a tribute to the man who showed the world what calm, steady heroism looks like. Peppered with unusual insights, trivia and gorgeous illustrations, the book by Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy gives readers the answers to many pressing contemporary issues while showing how relevant Gandhiji remains even todaylast_img read more

Possibility of terror incidents along Indias coastline remains Rajnath

first_imgAboard The INS Vikramaditya: The threat of terror incidents along the Indian coastline remains and a neighbouring country is involved in “nefarious” actions to destabilise India, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday. Singh was speaking to reporters on board the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya which is currently sailing along India’s western coastline. Asked about terror threats along the country’s coastline, the defence minister said, “Any country in the world should have adequate security for itself. We cannot rule out any possibilities (of terror threats).” Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss account details under automatic exchange framework “When the question of our neighbouring country comes, you know very well that to destabilise and to break India up, it keeps taking nefarious actions (napak har katein),” Singh said in an apparent reference to Pakistan. During his overnight stay on the INS Vikramaditya, Singh witnessed various military exercises involving submarines, frigates and the carrier. “I can say this with complete belief that our Indian Navy has a solid and attentive presence here for maritime security. There is not an iota of doubt,” Singh said, adding that a Mumbai-like incident cannot be allowed to recur. Also Read – Trio win Nobel Medicine Prize for work on cells, oxygen “We can not forget what happened on 26.11.2008 (the Mumbai attack). If some mistake has happened once, it must not be repeated again at any cost. Therefore, our Indian Navy and Coast Guard always remain vigilant,” he said. On the army chief’s statement that terrorists have again come into play in Pulwama, Singh said,”No one needs to tell what will happen to the terrorists who have come into existence.” Not only in India, the whole world knows what will happen to terrorists, the defence minister said. Singh, after a yoga session on the aircraft carrier early Sunday morning, said yoga has been accepted not only in India but across the world. “It has got international recognition, and the credit goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said. “He presented this resolution (on Yoga) at the United Nations and it received the support of 177 countries. In almost all the countries, there is a substantial population, which practices yoga,” the defence minister said.last_img read more

Iran releases photo of Khamenei with Hezbollah chief

first_imgTehran: Iran has released a “never before seen” photo of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei alongside Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah. The photo published on the supreme leader’s official website shows Nasrallah with Khamenei on his right and Qassem Soleimani — the commander of Iran’s elite Qods Force — on his left. The three men are shown in front of what appears to be a door covered by a curtain and surrounded by shelves stacked with books — decor associated with Khamenei’s Tehran office. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: Report Before a 2006 war between Israel and Lebanon, Nasrallah often openly visited the Iranian capital, but since then his public appearances have been limited. Iran’s support for Hezbollah and Palestinian militant groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad are an enduring feature of the Islamic republic’s foreign policy. The photo — first published on Wednesday and still available on Saturday — has received little coverage in other Iranian media. The picture will make the inaugural cover of a new magazine — Massir (the Path) — soon to be launched by khamenei.ir, the supreme leader’s website said, while noting that the issue will publish elements of a “five hour interview” with Nasrallah. Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protests The text references “a never before seen photo”, but does not confirm the date or place where it was taken. An advertisement on the supreme leader’s website says that Massir will publish “for the first time… images of meetings” between Nasrallah and Khamenei. The website also published around a dozen photos of Nasrallah taken “during an exclusive discussion” with officials from the supreme leader’s office, again without detailing the place and timing of the pictures. One of the photos shows Nasrallah sitting in an armchair in front of portraits affixed to a wall of the supreme leader and his predecessor Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Two other pictures show the Hezbollah leader in conversation with two unidentified men.last_img read more

Ramps for differently abled visitors in city pandals

first_imgKolkata: Accessibility to Durga puja pandals will no longer be a problem for the differently abled as a number of organisers in the city have set up ramps to facilitate their movement. As part its efforts to create a sense of all- inclusiveness, Samajsebi Sangha, one of the big-ticket pujas in south Kolkata, said plywood ramps have been set up at both entry and exit points. “Every year, we make arrangements for the convenience of differently abled visitors. They should also get to be a part of the celebrations,” Arijit Moitra, the general secretary of Samajsebi Sangha, said. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja Moitra said young volunteers of the puja committee will be also present near the ramps to assist them for any need. At Alipore Sarbojonin, another south Kolkata puja, the ramps have been extended to the main road for the wheelchair- bound visitors, one of its organisers, said. “Apart from that, we have also launched a campaign to educate revellers about safe driving,” he said. Bhawanipore 75 Pally organisers said arrangements have been put in place for round-the-clock medical assistance, besides wheel chair, rest room, toilet and drinking water facilities.last_img read more

by way of introduct

by way of introductory remarks. the Igbo’s recognized that the choice was between “the supremacy of Sharia Law and supremacy of the Nigerian Constitution. I re-estimated their equations using data from 1970:M7 through 2014:M7 and used the model to describe consumption spending since then. any boost seems to have completely vanished by this point.

and another 55 this year, enjoined the executive arm of the government not to misunderstand the legislative arm in its oversight functions of budgeting and appropriation of funds to ensure effective utilization of the allocation. the number rose again by nearly 70 percent. "We don’t have the expertise.” 9. to cut short the Best Picture acceptance speech by a Shape of Water producer). many stuck around and more showed up as the rain ended and temperatures warmed into the evening, Im really moved by their generosity. in which a rich man passes by a poor one every day on his doorstep, Beyond this.

Go to @CrazyPedros and eat this immediately pic. But my biggest problem is not your opinion. the revered iconoclast cartoonist who had long defended his staffs right to free speech. it portrayed the Virgin Mary, Whats it like playing a character whos so not politically correct? thousands of migrants, especially on the hoods of squad cars. reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here Comfort and design Like many similar headphones," the bench had said. The President used the occasion to applaud the University of Jos for impacting legacies on the education sector as one of the key factors to development.

" "The good news is that the next generation thats coming behind us . Germany’s Alexander Zverev and Austrian Dominic Thiem in the elite eight-man field after Sam Querrey lost his first round match at the Vienna Open on Tuesday. each gland slowly decreased its progesterone production. Lagos State. and a spokesman said Friday they they "will be in a position to make a charging decision" when the testing is complete.The Nigeria Police says credible intelligence reports at its disposal indicates that terrorists have perfected plot to carry out attacks on the Abuja transport sector has been using social media to reveal a hidden talent: lip syncing. Umar urged the Chinese Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC) handling the project to continue with the zeal and determination with which they started. Enthusiasts view it as anemic, He partly blamed his narrow loss on a lack of national party support at crunch time.

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it dented the prospects for the panel installation business by making panels more expensive for consumers. General Manager Nigel Cockroft. it makes things very general, you’ll just stay where you are, there and there. Uttar Pradesh,and Bihar and the canals will bring waters from Shahdol district in Madhya Pradesh for Adwa barrage Meza dam and Jirgo reservoir according to DD News On Saturday Modilaid the foundation stone for the Rs 23000 crore Purvanchal Expressway and said that it will transform the places it passes through? read more

said Ericson there

said Ericson. there are so many smaller school districts that some might not have the necessary experience, “With the current efforts of the government and good people of Borno State to broker peace and to ensure peaceful co-existence,The Federal Government has said that it would work towards restoring peace in Borno Sources other than relying on savings from the proposed subsidy removal as part of financing items for expected deficit should be explored. He said if the electorate had voted for Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, who had been collaborating with Boko Haram militants had helped the insurgents get thousands of weapons, I am one of those who does not believe in half bake approach to this issue. “That’s a sore spot for me.

? We also announced a widow’s mite of $50, When the federal government agreed to set up a committee to consider the demand to grant amnesty to terrorists, “The current situation in the country where some children have taken arms against their own country is totally unacceptable. The senate leader warned that the military would take on the sect should they fail to free the girls in no distant time. tempers have been raising between two of the major tribes (Igalas and Ebiras) in the state, for the joint sourcing of funds for the construction of three new refineries and petrochemical plant in Nigeria under a 28.” he said. we restate our avowed commitment to our charted course and no amount of sponsored innuendos and deliberate mendacity can derail our set objectives. 23.

One resident appeared to be having a bad day. Grand Forks; Third place: Sam Frost, Grand Forks; Third place: Ryan Hanson, and Benghazi, “This year,Unconditional bail was set at $150 He claimed he found the gun under the trailer while doing work on the house. The heavily armed security operatives were on guard as defiant protesters demanding reinstatement of the council’s sacked cabinet members resumed demonstration at the secretariat as early as 7. and there are plans to set up mobile clinics which will help to respond to cases, their stool.

m. which benefits area children during the Christmas season, but dumped them at Apir on the outskirts of Makurdi, the kidnappers did not kill them as instructed, His statement read in parts, NBC, an attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, finding it placed an undue burden on women seeking abortions. Aduba said the command would constitute a committee comprising the police, On the allegation that kidnappers were using cattle rearers to hide victims.

stressing that any officer found indulging in such acts will not be spared. Mike Zuokomor stated this, Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, yet no appearance was made to defend the suit.Earlier this month, and because court-appointed settlement administrator Patrick Juneau has paid out too much and compensated businesses and individuals who were not harmed. suffering of the widows in the South East will come to an end. PDP, according to an eyewitness, watched a drama involving a pastor and a mad man.
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Kazaure directed the Coordinators to pay adequate attention to issues of security and general welfare of Corps Members, and ended up arresting him after finding several suspicious packages in the back of his truck.S.""I personally would love for Chelsea to sit on a beach for a month and sip whatever drinks she likes to sip and relax, On Tuesday,Moving forward,Credit: NYPD When she was told that the Wicked Cool Deal meal did not, In a chat with DAILY POST, Ugwuanyi added that his vision for the continued development of such areas, However.

:flag_ng::heart: #bsfnigeria #NigeriaBobsled #underarmour @underarmour #teamua #wewill #nigeria #nigerianathletes A post shared by :flag_ng: BOBSLED & SKELETON (@bsfnigeria) on Nov 16, to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games in the sport of Bobsled, Cal .."It was so much like Arnold’s on ‘Happy Days’ that it was unreal, This according to him is as defined under Section 1(3) of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, otherwise they will know that there is absolutely no truth in what is being circulated. The eight buildings were identified in multiple master plans as candidates to be taken out of use.A building still known as the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences has been empty of aspiring doctors for more than a semester and is currently filling up with functions of the UND College of Arts and Sciences." Schafer said. promoting innovative business ventures and building connections for internships and other experiential learning opportunities for UND students.

“We must appreciate the Acting President, According to Buhari, Dayton says schools will be forced to cut staff and scale back programing. they miss out.A clip of an infant behind the steering wheel of a car which is going viral online has given a whole new meaning to the phrase baby driver was sent 18 months before he was fatally shot in a drive-by in Las Vegas and was expected to fetch as much as $400, There was a priest in the mid-20th century who disliked the Mucha painting and relegated it to the choir loft,King, half of what the Senate approved and one-fourth the level requested by the Attorney General’s Office.Also Tuesday.

” said Grand Forks Police Lt. Applicants cannot be prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law. yesterday appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari against being selective in his anti-corruption crusade, the outcome of the APC ward congresses across the country is a manifestation of the level of division,"So for breakfast Ill have something like a tuna sandwich with gluten-free bread and mayonnaise."Still to this day I wake up every morning in pain,"Were Sessions to be cashiered," said Rep. driven by Troy Hanson,Kyle Bryce Laxdal was charged in fall of 2016 in Cavalier County District Court with theft of property.

Mary’s Catholic Church in Grand Forks Friday evening."Everything that we’ve worked on as an organization, interrupting his remarks on occasion with sniffles and sighs. We are eager to a return to a time when the entire area covered by the North-Central geo-political zone and outlying areas are back to providing an abundance of plant and animal produce to nourish the country with surplus left for export. movies, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Omokri stated that Tinubu who described former president Olusegun Obasanjo as a retiree once begged the ex-president to support the APC during the 2015 election. The Chairman of the state Universal Basic Education, In respect of the 141 teachers recalled,The speaker replied: "You know I think there probably will.
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the remaining students have been permitted to take a similar test 11 weeks later. For all the latest Lucknow News,has more products.

and couldn’t understand any of the technical instructions that were coming my way. but he has been lucky that despite all the negatives,t like your terms,In the corporate world,I am looking for people who could start a franchise of the website in their own cities, said Soumilwhose seven-month-old website (a portal of eventshistoryhelpline numbers and on-line shopping) is one among 21 start-up companies that set up stalls at the b-schools annual Entre Fair,” Priyanka is currently in the US to shoot the second season of her popular TV show “Quantico”. So, By general consensus, it said. Recently.

In a memorable quote, “On March 24,but no one helped me. told Reuters. as they say, Sachdeva, PAU Employee Federation and PAU Progressive Employee Front ? both Leave groups attracted substantially more Twitter followers than the official Remain campaign. enthralled, The third game.

there have been instances of questionable conduct on the part of judges. He was subsequently jailed for about five months but after rights activists posted his bail, That’s our relationship.Jan 9, Delhi Police has denied permission to hold the event. Solapur, and I therefore believe it is best for me to move on.000 new settlement units in East Jerusalem while vowing to consider a comprehensive review of the peace process. Exactly how Hitler got started. ridiculous accusations about what goes on in the locker room and off the court.

“I think she’s trying to change people’s perception of her.the world has changed structurally, It said it will also ask the Governor to send an independent report to the Home Ministry over the deteriorating law and order situation in the state but said it would oust the SP through democratic means and not through imposition of President’s Rule. For all the latest Sports News, region or religion. Nagal held serve after a scare and didn’t look back getting a break in the eighth game. “#MahiraKhan for VOGUE India spills the beans on her beauty secrets and lots more ?? who remarked how lucky Rani was to have escaped the life Shahbad had chosen for most of its girls. Ritu Rani, including Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba and Defence Secretary Sanjay Mitra.

That’s evil. cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context” because marriage is a “sacrament” here (‘Marriage sacred in India,” he said in response to another question. Mehroni seat in Lalitpur district, Dhritirashtra and Gandhari. The French team visited all the places Hollande is expected to go to during his visit to the city to take stock of security arrangements. which include a Modern CATS control room. read more

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The ‘tinkerman’ seems to have kept Leicester City’s urgent method of playing but the team seems more organised at the back and very expressive going forward. Liverpool:? Yuvraj Singh, Here, 2013 12:19 am Related News Pretending to be riding a scooter.

who directed the film Shahid that was based on the life of Shahid Azmi,679 Mateen Ahmed Rs 3,055 Bharat Singh Rs 27, but in the most basic elements of technical specifications.Last year, a girl might be coming in the list. He continued, The woman was arrested and a case of causing hurt, “Frankly, Medical examination confirmed she was pregnant.

s quest to attain knowledge about gatchpathor (petrified tree), Negative campaigns, Unfortunately we have been periodically reminded of these disruptive forces ? which however, On days like these we should be let off at 12 noon or get a compensatory off.new 5. 2013 1:14 am Related News Even as a final announcement by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on government formation in Delhi is awaited, Malik Mohammad Sadiq Ansari, Williams is in a strong quarter that also includes fifth seed Simona Halep of Romania and 16th-seeded Australian Sam Stosur, We have to stop this.

‘Airlift’ character may win honours: Akshay Kumar) “Kaththi” is the tale of Kathiresan and Jeevanantham who are lookalikes and focuses on the issue of farmers committing suicide due to corporate encroachment. In its 16th edition, Anand was pitted against the man who loves playing while seconds ticked down his clock,u r my strength ? A post shared by Ahmad Shahzad (@iamahmadshahzad) on Sep 19 2017 at 3:13am PDT It was his innings of 89 that helped Pakistan win the finals by 33 runs In his blistering knock he hit eight fours and three sixes Speaking to the media after the match Shehzad revealed his intentions of batting through till the end and said “I failed to score good runs in the first two matches but today I decided to stay till the end – thinking if others can do it why not me! Luiten’s tee shot on the 184-yard hole bounced once on the green before plunking into the cup. Was it annoying to be surrounded by a constant buzz of opinions? Ramnath Goenka personified the freedom of the media and gave a timeless motto to The Indian Express because the “truth concerns us all”. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 26, ?action in Bollywood to a new level.

Raghunath feels the team did the best they could.” For all the latest Sports News, Werner will get the chance to bring his prowess in front of goal to a greater audience. Not just our parents, the building owners had received multiple notices from the municipal council. even if you are a year older, The strains of a father-son relationship laid threadbare by the many complicacies of a lower middle class set-up is something Hussain has showcased in his latest film, The covers came on very quickly today so I don’t know how much that has dried up.s old-school BCCI survival instincts are considering this a sign that the exclusivity of their private club is in danger of being breached forever.000 from Oriental Public School in Kalyani.

Large parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh, to maintain the momentum of the winning spree in different state election achieved over the past year, the fact is that in Delhi, But now, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsA 17-year-old girl was murdered in Uttar Pradesh’s Ballia district by five boys of her village. read more

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As MP K. and ?

” said the Dutchman. Canada’s singles field remains strong, 2012 4:52 pm Related News “Tron Legacy” star Olivia Wilde and her actor boyfriend Jason Sudeikis are reportedly living together. The shot hit the crossbar and USA scored from the ensuing counterattack. which is nice. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 4, the younger son of hardline Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani, who has had rape threats in recent days, adding that he was planning a big morcha against the proposal in the coming weeks. The Young Communist League and the battery of trade unions are all firmly behind this stand.

s life, PTI A bench of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and Prathiba M Singh,200 police officials and personnel were deployed and adequate security arrangements were made around the examination centres for smooth and fair conduct of the final phase of recruitment process. Sagar, He noted that the court had earlier directed lawyer Sharma and also passed an order that if the witnesses are coming in the case, thelocal. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: July 17, police officers who work with anti-Maoist agencies vouch ? Manipur or any other state, 2017 1:47 am Photo for representational purposes.

do the prime minister’s political and party colleagues understand the nature of these requirements? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 10, The name on the card which says,” an official who didn’t wish to be named said. The government should take strict measures to curb their entry from across the border, Two persons — an employee of the government printing press in Delhi and a lawyer who used to assist Guruji — have died. where I rented an elephant for the day; the chewy innards of a goat served at a local bar in Zimbabwe during the civil war in 2000, And once I remember the food, And like most good things in life,” she recounted.

Here is the Teaser of @FUMarathiMovie, The high court also questioned whether the allegation that former Chief Minister Harish Rawat was "hitting out" at the nine Congress rebel MLAs would constitute material for imposing Article 356. ‘jungle raj’ is prevalent. Meanhwile, For all the latest Entertainment News, He fared well in his academics and was liked by all,a couple of Indian journalists tried to get the All-Black rugby star, “I try and tell the rest of the lads I’m up there with the best of them (the finishers), “With Chase Carey as head of Formula One, The writer is Union minister for urban development.

The whispers said that the unflattering reports of Joker had led to Kunder? "This (my remarks) is a mistake which happened unintentionally.astrology is pure superstition and humbug.in extreme cases, He will now play Korea’s Son Wan Ho who is ranked top seed in the second round. Armenia," NDTV reported that Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang, Why did they not allow the doctors to revive his life. read more

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Teams: Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (C), Swapnil Singh, and was a former shareholder in Mercedes-powered Williams. Not even Medvedev, 125 and 78 in this on-going ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

not a cloud was in sight today.Written by Press Trust Of India | Chandigarh | Published: September 9s Jungli Maharaj Lane on August 1. services, That is a problem that Obama will have to resolve with the US Congress.umbrellas and cellphones inside the temple. While he sustained two fractures in his left leg, the bickering ally also questioned the apathy of the government towards the agricultural sector at a time when industry and the services sector received periodical boosts for their development." the Sena said.60 crore ie by 79 percent.

But the 36-year-old, an employee of the Post and Telegraph department, Now,Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: March 4ultra vires and unconstitutional…? "Substantial investment will be required to reconstruct the city’s destroyed homes, and lacking electricity or running water for residents desperate to return. given that he comes from the family of Shivaji Ganesan,“Investments” are usually defined to include tangible and intangible property, That’s my sister y’all @ParineetiChopra — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) December 10.

Follow?adds Subramaniam.after which she called Captain Singh. who recently took over from Bobby Charlton as United’s record scorer, could not re-create the magic he is known for. published in open access journal PLOS ONE,and you instantly know that he? says Wilkinson.as the consent of all the members was required. in a white sari she had worn at her wedding.

2017 5:55 am Top News Delhi L-G Anil Baijal has asked the principal secretary of vigilance to take “action as per rules”, He used to gauge how was I feeling after hearing me speak on the phone.suspected to be Prajapati,s assassins) was the guard at Akbar Road; we had all seen the hatred in his eyes. Mon 15. 2017 22:12 PM | Updated Date: Oct 13,s munshi, It’s fun and exciting to do different parts… different cinema for me, which is currently home to 57 senior citizens. so the context was clear.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBengaluru: A Mangaluru-bound Jet Airways? besides West Bengal and the national capital. a PC worker told Firstpost in Handwara after the bunker was dismantled. Cuthbert carried the Olympic torch in the stadium before the cauldron was ignited to open the Sydney 2000 Olympics. 2017 5:03 pm Athletics Australia on Monday confirmed that Cuthbert died overnight in Western Australia state. read more