first_imgSecurity officers attached to the Amazon Security Service in Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) on Thursday took to the streets over alleged non-payment of salaries.According to the female security officers, they represent a fraction of employees who have not received any payment of their salaries for the past three months.Holding up placards bearing various slogans, the aggrieved security officers stood in Central Mackenzie, Linden before moving to the Constabulary Compound in Mackenzie, where the security firm’s office is located.They were very vocal in explaining the situation. “Three months no pay…I does work in the office, and what get me real angry is that none of them ain’t coming decently and say nothing…I want my money today…”, one of the protestors, JanetThree of the aggrieved security officers on the protest line on ThursdayHodge, stated.In an interview with this publication, Hodge alleged that when she enquired about her salary from her boss, she did not get a favourable response. She noted, however, that she was told in June that the payment was “not ready yet”.“Right now it past talking time. I need my money today”, she continued.The employees have noted that they do not even have money to buy food or transportation, but they maintain that they would remain on the job.“Is three months now I ain’t get no salary. I owe the bus, I have other bills”, Dina Kissoon explained.According to the employees, they are in dire need of their salaries since they also have bills to pay.According to security guard Karen Dowding, they are also suffering from lack of working materials.“When we working, we ain’t working with no torchlight, no ruler or nothing…Dem ain’t buying these things and give you, but they charging you…I work for 3 months straight without no pay. And we’re being charged for things on the work that is not right”, she said.The woman also claimed money was deducted from her salary after a gate was left open at her work site. In protest, the women also sat along the roadway with the hope of attracting the necessary attention.“I supposed to work tonight but I ain’t going”, Hodge told this publication.last_img

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