Over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotional gimmick commodity prices change

Beijing, June 18, "6.18" was originally a Jingdong "anniversary", has now become the brightest business promotion get together day, suning.com, Tmall, Gome online business giants have joined this promotion battle, with the price, send coupons, flash purchase, group purchase, discount and other preferential measures to attract netizen. The day before, according to a survey launched in Beijing IT channel with the number 100 market research company, over 40% of users believe that the electricity supplier promotional "hype gimmick", and that "commodity price and promotion before the difference is minimal, but there are still 60% of users said they would pay attention to dynamic business promotion, identify the timing of orders. read more

Chinese people overseas shopping the price is the key to the risk of scouring the sea


technology Zheng Jun

a lot of study and work in the United States Chinese, expect to return home have complex emotions common: on the one hand is home to enjoy delicacy and joyful longing, on the other hand, many relatives and friends for purchasing requirements and a headache. Luxury shoes and bags, designer clothes, cosmetics, health care medicine, maternal and child supplies, but these are not what; child car seat and a large number of baby milk powder, has become a nightmare for many students when returning to the baggage. read more

Ali Pictures Group will be out or pave the way for mutual entertainment separate listing

following the electricity supplier ecosystem, cloud computing platform, O2O concepts, Alibaba group (hereinafter referred to as ALI) to the capital market depicts a story about cultural and entertainment. The day before, China Culture Communication (01060.HK) announced that the shareholders’ meeting suggested that the company was renamed the Alibaba film group limited".

investment Youku potatoes, the acquisition of cultural Chinese, founded the Alibaba film group…… Ali in the field of cultural and entertainment has gone farther and farther. Many capital sources told the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said that the establishment of Ali entertainment group, is describing a new culture and entertainment ecosystem to the American capital market; long term, does not rule out the interactive entertainment business all separation, integration, build an independent listed company Ali mutual entertainment. read more

Net red economy 30% net profit margin spike Amoy brand

[Abstract] the Internet giant is the large flow of economic, reticulocyte and community economic trickle, small flow small and beautiful.

/ Li Chengdong (WeChat public number: East electricity supplier interpretation)

has two new Internet trend recently, called a red net economy, is 90 after the technician made plans to sell goods economy, a social economy, followed by a bunch of opinion leaders have common needs of member fans, source Yu Kaiwen Kelly 1000 hardcore fans theory. Anyway, in fact, is a flow of the economy, the first user, and then match what products and services provided read more

Buy bigwigs who should add their own site search

buy can be said to be the most fire, but also the fastest growing network business model. Since the GROUPON business model into the country, it will spread in the domestic crazy. No matter what, to a certain stage of development must be changed oh. It is almost impossible to live in China if you want to live in a stable and good way. With the change of time and social development, we can adjust ourselves to live better in the tide of development.

for the group to buy, the price can no longer make a lot of users have the desire to buy. Why? A very simple answer: too many Chinese buy, buy too many activities on the line every day to buy. When the group began to buy can be said to create demand for users, customers see such a low discount will have a strong desire to buy. Now, buy so much, it is not necessary for the user to have a desire to buy all of the low discount. For group buying site is the same, the site also launched at the same time every day so many low-cost discounts, is for different user groups and launched. Buy site is expected to launch their own activities to buy each group can get good sales, so as to ensure their maximum profit. read more

n the face of the future, Taobao has a greater sense of insecurity

recently, Taobao two times under the pain killer WeChat. The first is in July 31st to protect consumers’ feelings and control the risk of the transaction, the excuse to suspend the third party application for WeChat services. And then in August 9th announced "today, Taobao website contains a chain of two-dimensional code image will not be able to use, or to protect the security of transactions, security risk averse sellers to bypass the normal Taobao business process and management system to. read more

A torn want to go millet mode, build logistics information ecology

Ali double eleven party, probably all difficult to pay attention to packaging props forward, from the opening at the top of the neat tear can easily open. The courier packaging manufacturer called "torn", but the team of 10 gene with the Internet, they plunge into the traditional packaging industry from the upstream production chain to transform it apart, perhaps the next chapter of the courier industry.

at first, a tear of the founder Xing Kai spotted the traditional packaging cumbersome, did not consider the user experience, standing on the C end point of view to optimization design, however, for the B side of the business, the user experience is not the core of the demand, the price and quality of key products, or is the optimal price. While standing on the shore "can not solve the fundamental problem, Xing Kai and the team will sink into the industry in the beginning of read more

Taobao to adjust the content strategy Amoy changed its name to the Consumer Portal

Taobao uses LOGO called Taobao portal

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) March 1st news, Taobao will be home navigation area of Amoy information renamed as consumer portal, in this domain name, Taobao uses LOGO called Taobao portal.

It is reported that

, Taobao in 09 years in December launched a new information in the original Amoy, men and women, children, clothing, beauty, fashion, sports, digital home, 9 channels, add hot sports, entertainment, finance, health, and automobile, constellation and the weather channel. read more

Cross border implementation of the new deal in January Taobao purchasing active

cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal from at 0:00 on April 8, 2016 to begin to have just one month, the implementation of the feedback situation how? How? NetEase visited the relevant science and technology enterprises, has brought about the new deal implementation effect.

In an interview with the NetEase

, science and technology knowledge, cross-border electricity supplier of the arrival of the new deal let the past as price war hit head broken and bleeding gathered together, they even for the WeChat group has a name called "the new deal to strive for one hundred days, they urgently hope that the new policy can re negotiate. read more

Trading volume of billions Neglected rural network purchasing market

text / Ding Tao division

recently two news has aroused widespread concern in the community, the news can be popular for the reason that the two are concerned about the rural electricity supplier related to some exploration and opportunities for the two. We first look at these two news:

news: Jingdong, Taobao, Baidu…… Recently, more and more Internet giants of all kinds of advertising appeared on the wall of the countryside, the intention to seize the 4–6 line market.

news: two Chinese Post plans to invest 100 million yuan to build an electronic payment service base, force the mobile phone and Internet payment, differentiated competition with Alipay, or to capture the rural market. read more