Mobile phone retail stores ten brands list – the whole

said that although now buy mobile phone channels very much, but the industry from the traditional development shops are also very much, also give a lot of people to buy a mobile phone provides a great convenience, so that mobile phone retail stores which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of mobile phone retail list, so that more people in the retail store to buy mobile phones to facilitate.

mobile phone retail ten brands list NO.1, Dixon: China professional chain one of the largest mobile phone, mobile phone professional retail brand influence, leading brand communication chain, Beijing D.Phone commerce Limited by Share Ltd. read more

Domestic franchise stores should grasp the three management model

Now the domestic industry

as everyone knows, is the most popular industry, is also the most promising industry, but many investors do not understand how the business can better operating domestic stores, do not know how to manage domestic stores, following with small make up a three best management mode:

mode 1: home chain store operators to establish training, test, set the training mechanism, starting from the mentality of education, pre job quality education and ideological guidance work. All of the service staff in the pre job training are classified, grading, up to standard posts; categories are divided into: high, medium and low-end Trinity, in the basic aspects of housework. read more

Good communication in business

although some customers want to buy a product, but not good at expression, while some customers just stroll around it, such a phenomenon in any shop almost will appear, how to solve, this depends on the owners "skill". Every time I go to a local shopping mall, I always go to the counter.

in a short period of time to get along, I found that the shopping mall salesman Zhang Fenghui in different ways to persuade customers to reach a deal, the goods will be sold smoothly, and basically no loss of customers. This gives me the impulse to learn. Later, after a friend, I know Zhang Feng, leaving their respective QQ number, and then began to chat with her on the QQ. read more

Express brother Wang Zhe exclusive happy decompression method

now, people’s pace of life faster and faster, courier as a new way of mailing, the advantages of prominent, fully meet the different needs of the people, by the blitz. Therefore, the courier is always very busy, can not relax. The following small series to introduce you to a courier brother, he has his own proprietary decompression methods, hoping to help entrepreneurs friends.

"today bitter than courier brother, smiling face cold. Strive to fight forever, life becomes small and sing again." The cause is not a year, a lonely figure oblique. Love to build hard to make money, to let parents early leisure." These inspirational doggerel, I do not know whether the public deja vu? It is written in a shuttle in the blue express delivery trucks on the high streets and back lanes. And this ordinary express delivery car is also because of these inspirational motto, the eyes of passers-by become a beautiful landscape. read more

Chongqing sanitation workers enjoy the first pot diameter of 10 meters

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Chengdu to build regional management center with international influence

economic system reform requires a lot of enterprises in the face of the current situation, positive transformation and upgrading of enterprises. So, how to build a regional management center in Chengdu with international influence? July 12th, the Sichuan provincial system to promote comprehensive innovation and reform of the press conference held in Chengdu, the first detailed introduction of the province’s system to promote the overall reform of the content of the pilot program.

test program is divided into three parts, the main contents can be summarized as "a core theme", "two important goals", "three key areas", "four basic principles", "eight tasks" and "thirty pilot policy". Clear to promote civil military depth as the core theme of comprehensive reform and innovation of our province test integration and development, and will focus on the core chengdemian area to carry out the reform and innovation of the test, at the same time, give full play to Tianfu, Panxi region test platform, promote innovation driven transformation and development in other areas of the province. read more

To open a coffee shop how much money

it must be a lot of young white-collar workers have a small dream is to wait until a certain time to open their own of artistic flavor of the coffee shop. But there is a saying that the ideal is , but the reality is very skinny, coffee shop is really not so easy, you must first consider is the problem of investment funds. How much does it cost to open a coffee shop? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

open coffee shop or independent shop varies from person to person. Xiao Bian asked a number of coffee shops, in general, the store requires an area of 150 square meters or more, the cost of joining in the -50 million in the second, then carry out the investment of 400 thousand to 1 million 500 thousand. If you open a 40 square or so independent coffee shop, count the rent is less than 500 thousand. Many investors feel that the start-up capital will be able to open, often because of poor turnover so set aside funds as put up the shutters, the first half turnover is more rational. read more