The whole network of college students entrepreneurship difficult to tell you where

although this year the government has introduced policies to encourage students to entrepreneurship, but now the face of the great pressure of competition of the business market, for college students to make money is not easy, so why college students now work hard? The whole network for you to analyze.

"I didn’t pay the rent, I really do not know how to spend the day after." In the talent market, busy for little more than the face of distress, "out of school for several months, but also unemployed, before going to do a foreign agent, can be found later is an illegal agent, to quit, it has been unable to find work, read four years of university did not find out to work to support themselves, to their parents for money and feel shy, parents training I graduated from University, I tell them they have to work, how to open a port, but the fact is that for several months did not work, the money runs out." With little more than the same, for several months or even one or two years can not find an increasing number of college students work.

in the talent market, Xiao Yu found several their favorite units, and voted resume. read more

Home life museum to join the project inspection skills

Home Furnishing living museum stores operating in good stability, wealth. In order to get a smooth development, we must make full preparations in advance. Now if you want to learn the relevant knowledge, from what aspects? Many novice on this issue there are still some doubts, to quickly experience, I hope you can help.

to do a lot of detailed market survey in select markets before, to enter the analysis and forecast, must not blindly into the light, to choose half success is equal to the market for Home Furnishing Home Furnishing living museum, living museum stores, the market environment is not changed, is not controllable factors, market environment although not controllable, but optional, Home Furnishing living museum stores stores can be selected in line with their actual situation of good read more

How to drink tea

what kind of brand in the food and beverage market has a strong competitive edge? Xiaobian is the only true victory of truth, you are running your food items in the heart, for consumers, service intentions, consumers will buy your account, your natural food market position will survive.

cup of tea at present bubble tea industry leader. The technology bubble tea Taiwan famous tea family 30 years, after a lapse of 6 years, with consumers of tea that franchisees trust in companies, developed into today’s 17 province 4 city. In order to meet the needs of more consumers, big cup milk tea to join the investment projects are in full swing, if you are full of enthusiasm, the courage to venture, invite you to join! read more

Tsinghua University X-lab annual meeting to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking spark innovation

contemporary college students full personality, for a lot of things have their own reading insights, which also allows a new generation of College Students’ innovative spirit is different. Recently, Tsinghua University Students held a forum to discuss the theme of entrepreneurship.

1 8, Tsinghua University X-lab2015 annual conference held in the school, school and enterprise from Tsinghua University experts and scholars gathered together around college students creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship topics to carry out an exchange of ideas. read more

How to choose dessert dessert

follow the development of the current dessert market, people have a very strong interest in the dessert industry, desserts also occupy a lot of room for development, but also more and more consumers love it. More friends in which to see business opportunities, ready to open dessert store. How to choose a dessert item? The following small series to introduce you.

A is the brand positioning; selection of catering franchise brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city market to do some understanding, especially with your shops around the District, here for what brand dessert is the high-end or low-end customers for the Lord, to do heart bottom. read more

Talk about the flower shop

now, regardless of the size of the festival, flowers seem to be the most appropriate gift, so the florist business in recent years, unusually hot. Also need some experience and skills of a florist, full network Xiaobian immediately and you said that the flower related matters.

florist, as the name suggests is the spread of the United States where the commodity is spent, so is the soul of floral flower. First engaged in the flower industry, must participate in the professional flower school learning, and strive to improve the level of flowers, in order to provide quality services to customers. read more

Unique entrepreneurial ideas

home design store is some entrepreneurs today’s choice, with the people’s living standard is increasing, many people have put forward the requirements of individual demand for life: clothing accessories to be new in order to be different; out of the ordinary Home Furnishing should have a unique style…… This new demand to design shop surfaced, silver design, costume design, gift design, entrepreneurs through design have great originality, beautify people’s life, but also bring new hope for their own career development. read more

Think of how the strength of sushi

is now on the market a delicacy, needless to say, is now the sushi, sushi brand in the market very much, but now the market is always in constant change, many traditional sushi brand has been unable to meet the contemporary consumers increasingly picky taste buds, so launch Simi sushi roll of this brand, with its innovative business model, by virtue of its unique innovative production technology, launched by the market, they have high power consumption, the market is hot, now joined Simi volume, harvest more different wealth. read more

Dongguan’s first youth entrepreneurship contest champion baked

is different from the past, the new generation of young entrepreneurs are always actively involved in a variety of business competition, on different platforms to demonstrate their entrepreneurial ability. Dongguan City, the first youth entrepreneurship competition successfully ended, 6 projects after fierce competition eventually decide the championship.

12 3, organized by the municipal Party committee, the town of Changping in 2015 in Dongguan, the first youth entrepreneurship contest held in Changping grand theatre. After intense road show, questions and other aspects of automation, energy saving and environmental protection electroplating production line project, with its wonderful ideas and excellent display, won the championship. Provincial Party committee deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee deputy secretary Zhang Zhihua, Yao Kang attended the meeting, the municipal Party committee, Changping Town, the Town Street Youth League official and youth representatives, university students, projects such as about more than and 600 people cheering crowd. read more

Entrepreneurship is critical to do these points

go to work very hard, but also earn less money, so many people want to start their own business. So, how to start their own business? Need to pay attention to what issues? In the market, a lot of people are in a state of follow suit, if you are the first person, you know what to do, how to do? Here’s a look at what issues need to pay attention to their own business.


How read more