One, site, One, dream

stood up and I looked at a simple forum and began to stare blankly. As an Internet business people, every day to the site is in the work of life, life in the work, can engage in their own website or the first time. Looking at the blank, very nobody’s Xiuyan 168 home page, I was thinking. What am I thinking? I don’t know,

as a commercial site editor, watching the computer every day, looking at the site has been a kind of absolutely can not give up the habit. Recently often station all, see the webmaster pain and sorrow of the passions. read more

Take Baidu pictures to get P million

discovered an oddball half a year ago, but it still exists……

, let’s take a look at the picture below —

this is the Baidu search list of ten beautiful billboard, which is the highest index Zhang Xiaoyu, nearly one million daily search volume; followed by Liu Yifei, an average of more than two hundred thousand per day. See these figures, surely we are envious.

, let’s start with a keyword like Liu Yifei, for example, into Baidu pictures search. Please wait a moment to enjoy the fairy sister, let us directly to the scroll bar down below read more

Old Wei taught you to create high traffic original movie station

since the emergence of Marx, search, sunny and other film systems, many people do not understand the site also began to go on the road to the station, and become one of millions of webmaster. The good news is, many in the early establishment of the operation of film video site webmaster, almost all have a cup of soup. Unfortunately, in the film and television copyright is increasingly valued today, many webmasters also discouraged, decadent.

today, old Wei of the film on the old owners will choose the television station as a life or career first webmaster novice gives some suggestions, hope some of my experience and insights to help those who are puzzled and confused in the new television station. read more

My campus forum development model

often on the webmaster network learning exchange, share your valuable experience, today I also write about my campus BBS Development model. For everyone to share, the article is not written well, please do not shoot me! In order to avoid that people are advertising, I will not put the URL out.

said, "I’ve been running campus forums for two years.". Campus forums operate differently from other types of forums because the site’s carrier is students in school. Have a relatively fixed access to the crowd, there is a specific audience, play an information intermediary role. Unlike other commercial sites, campus forums have a strong commercial nature and appear in public as non profitable. How do you operate such a special website? Here’s a forum on the real life of the operation model. read more

Peng Zhijie because of local website operation think of

about the operation of local websites, with the rapid development of China’s national economy, I have been rising netizens, as of June 30, 2009, China’s Internet users reached 338 million people, the popularity rate of 25.5%. The size of the Internet users at the end of 2008 annual growth of 40 million, half the growth rate was 13.4%, China netizens still maintain a rapid growth trend, especially in the development of local economy in some inland before the recent surge in the number of Internet users, and the operation of the local website challenges opportunities, I think this is divided into several aspects: read more

Some questions to consider when exchanging links with each other!

we all know, the external link of the website to the PR value of the website is very big. But how should we do in the actual operation? What problems should we pay attention to?

?First, the other is

website search page volume search engine! Because a good website search engine is not forgotten! But here there is a misunderstanding, many webmaster only included the total number without looking at the relationship between the number and the total number of pages included! An analogy: a a large number of Web sites, a total of one million pages! Another website is very small, the number of web pages is a one hundred page! The former is the number of search engines for web page ten thousand! The latter is included the number ninety page! But in the above probability of only one percent in terms of the amount collected included, and the latter is ninety percent, so the back "more worthy of exchange read more

Come on, son (or not), am very worried about you, very worried

first of all, I’m not a comrade. He’s not.


University began to do so far for two years. Not too much and not too much. We’ve been through many, many difficult days,.

we have never met before. I often call him, he doesn’t listen to standard Mandarin, then, telling me, he told his talking for a long time. Don’t know what he said, he did not know what I am talking about.

knew before, he is playing the hacker, VB master, bus line program what to say for the girl to write a Changsha. Then asked if I had any ideas. Or give him… C I’m just a layman of the computer, it will point to C. later wrote a few paragraphs, think that he has to… (he later wrote a message transmitter Bi alliance) read more

6 methods of website promotion

NO.1: blog marketing implementation (the most frequently seen and most useful)

1. batch registration account, it is best Sina blog, Baidu space, and dispatch blog and other large web site, included update fast,


2. do not go up and then send the advertisement promotion my site can take some time more hot topics (for example, the current fast), reproduced some good quality articles (revised title, the local content).

3. blog will have the visit quantity, this time can write some website promotion soft Wen, some of what the dress beauty ah, ah, in this paper I add links (preferably not always linked to the home page). In the title of the article, the front and the end of the content are added, such as: "reprint www.***.com" text, guide the user to click to visit. read more

Analyze Baidu spider returns 304 status code in Web log

recently encountered a large number of websites have been return 304 status code Baidu spiders crawl page, previously encountered 301 and 302, is not about 304, just can be observed and analyzed the situation, in order to more in-depth understanding of the problems and countermeasures.

Baidu encyclopedia is so explained to the 304 status code: if the client sends a conditional GET request and the request is allowed, and the contents of the document (since the last visit or according to the request of the conditions) did not change, the server should return the 304 status code. The simple expression is that the client has executed the GET, but the file has not changed, that is, the pages we understand are not updated. read more

Eight years of webmaster experience share

do stand also have a few years, and the sweet and sour have also tasted, here and share with you webmaster.

1: site positioning

to Baidu Chinese Search Ranking check, to see what the most popular keywords, this website more or less, you own the industry ripe, and Baidu keyword search index this index, then don’t make the website is not a concern, then few people visit your site. For example, more people search MP3, there will be such a website IMP3, home advertising about 20, an ad 6000, a month will be a little income, of course, can also find the corresponding other keywords. Usually many webmaster do stand by like Baidu and GOOGLE to get advertising revenue, this idea is wrong, then you should find directly in website advertising website to do, such as hardware website, general home advertising is hundreds of thousands of days, we do not believe you can see VERYOL MYDRIVERS, you see how many of these sites. People are advertising offer, including chemical, CQJOB, study of these sites we can also learn from the charging mode. read more