Web two websites chain exchange experience

just contact to promote the work of the predecessors, will inform the importance of Links, with some attention and skill exchange chain. On the Internet also learn a lot of similar theory, but in practice it is not satisfactory. Many chain stand for assessment of chain quality standards mainly on these three items: the PR value, snapshot, included, as long as one does not accord with direct shot. For the two level domain name website more, Liaocheng website optimization the sentence: sorry 贵族宝贝/lc Shanghai Longfeng, we have not prescribed and non top-level domain name website exchange friend chain, have the opportunity to cooperate! Can put people to choke. I believe that many such as textile and garment web two websites of friends, and I have similar experience. Here, I talk about some experience through the study and exploration of a period of time after the experience, hope to give two websites and new friends to provide some reference in exchange links. read more

The quality of the content and make your blog within the chain racing together bridle to bridle shin

(three) recommend work related content website.

(two) is to optimize the internal chain rankings for the purpose.

because our blog in the early, the number is very small, so it is not enough to keep the content and content between the series is very good, so the visit quantity of the website is relatively small, but all bloggers do not worry, because early for a good blog will be in the chain can not do or not to do, but to the blog post we updated. The content increased gradually, this time we will find many types of articles are related, so in order to allow users to better understand some knowledge, we can add the chain guide users to access more the page. read more

Comprehensive analysis of Shanghai dragon combat large station group website how to optimize the pag


update site information, text with keywords, website and Related words can be considered, not necessarily is the core keywords, such as Zhitong talent network updates, interview, job, salary, job, job etc. all with the website related words are available in the website internal links.

The last time the


keyword should appear in the anchor text page outbound links, this is a very important aspect. In fact, in some extent, the outbound links containing keywords, is also important to this page keywords in external links. read more

A college student failed Wangzhuan experience have seen too many three real entrepreneurs are sayin

Wangzhuan sequelae has not finished, I did not get the scholarship that semester, this is the only time the University didn’t get a scholarship semester, and two families were almost hanging.

I’m majoring in economics. My college days are always boring. To become attached to Wangzhuan or in 2006, it was just opening soon, the course easily no exam pressure, one day accidentally in a forum to see Cashfiesta network advertising to make money, is very attractive, the poster described in the post a month easily earned $more than 300, but also made a screenshot. At the time that the Wangzhuan is good, than to go out and make the promotion to tutor a lot better, but also do not have to go out, but also on the Internet, so I registered an account to wangzhuan. As long as there is my spare time in front of the computer are looking forward to success with those who earn Wangzhuan bucket, but a month down what did not earn income, from the minimum payment amount is one hundred and eight thousand. Just want to give up, but then the Internet consulting company, that do Wangzhuan perseverance, I put a short time effort is not enough, do Wangzhuan too little. Think about it, too. After all, you are doing the rest of your time. It doesn’t affect your study. If so, then I would have to spend a little time, I believe that Heaven helps those who help themselves. read more

Mai Wenwen out of Shanghai dragon ring Shanghai Longfeng ER venture

second is selling services: Shanghai dragon service itself, including high-end and low-end service service.

and second sell services, generally to complete this part of the work by the website optimization company or studio, there are also some personal. This mode of communication and customer needs, determine a keyword, how much money, about how long time do go up, we are basically similar, the only difference is that different people respond differently, but the ultimate goal is the keywords ranking, summarize the user request, we help to complete, and charge a cost. read more

How to operate low input, high return SP17 year old into a multimillionaire design software was acqu

one month basic to your domain name updates included in the page, we do not expect the collection of the whole station, your home is enough, just a collection of permissions first week is relatively heavy, catch good opportunity amount, a week can put the cost through. Later on sh419 video search, but also appropriate to the station to increase the chain.

WSJ., Magazine, 2013 series of creative characters. This paper introduces the WSJ. Magazine Innovation Award 2013 tech Award: Nick · Daluoyi Theo Nick D Aloisio. read more

Do the construction of chain exquisite inner to make your website on the upgrade

for the chain construction, many owners tend to remain in the content page added a lot of anchor text to web page or column page, so as to attract the spider crawling more to grab the page, the weights to share these pages, it is wrong for this approach, now the search engine has been identified as a way for cheating, so you must have a correct understanding of what is in the chain of value, good nonsense not say, small share in the construction of the chain tips with you own summary.

(two) to remove unimportant page links. read more

Analysis of what data is needed for website optimization

for the analysis of the website data, some basic data of the website of Shanghai Longfeng every day we must see, such as PV, UV, IP website, these data, from these data, we can see that the growth trend of web traffic, can be seen flow is increased, or decreased, and growth and the decline, and to find out the reasons why growth and decline further, for example, sometimes because of Saturday, Sunday and other holidays, some because of hot words, these are in fact to do data analysis, which is very familiar with on site traffic situation. read more

Do Shanghai dragon how to face love Shanghai update algorithm

said this, our core is the user experience, to do with the user experience of the website, this website will not only update out in each algorithm instead, this can increase with the search engine on the web, so that the website ranking rise.

2, as the Shanghai dragon staff we change how to optimize the site

algorithm update, many Shanghai dragon are not easy to complain incessantly, the site optimization may be as an algorithm to update the hit the bottom, all the efforts are in vain, don’t love the face of Shanghai update we really at a loss what to do? In fact, this is from the optimization of thinking that is the following: read more

Count the Guinness Links platform is among the highest in the industry

link integrity

Mou Changqing founder of the GO9GO website, will undoubtedly become the top, because the link platform is from the beginning and prosperity of the mountains. Not many words, we look at the basic situation of the GO9GO website:

I am the founder Gao Bo push network (Cao Cao grass line), today to take stock after a year of development, link platform from 100 chain wars until now, the emergence of some top-notch website.

GO9GO platform

grass network link platform

webmaster Webmaster Help link platform called Zhou Zhou, the webmaster do Shanghai Longfeng ability is good, so many words in the Shanghai competition ranking is good love. Find links to more users, we can look at the following screenshot. read more

A new method of deception Links alert


if (ereg ($urlbaidu, $url)) {/ / judge love Shanghai

two, so how to determine the site, do not let their Links

if you find each other’s site is not allowed to love Shanghai snapshot, we must be careful, he is likely to deceive Links do not let you see.



webmaster when using Links examination platform, using simulated spiders access (Baiduspider) was found in the other without you Links, when found to have normal access to the site. This is the. read more

Choose what kind of learning platform suitable for beginners Shanghai dragon you

webmaster world

1, how to choose the time under the condition of

2, want to master the Shanghai dragon, a foundation period of.

3. strange ideas you may prefer this forum.

Shanghai Longfeng foundation construction

Objective: many customers or friends want to know, they want to start learning Shanghai Longfeng, what place to start work. Indeed, on the Internet, there are lots of Shanghai dragon website, network, and the Shanghai dragon training materials easy to get, feel learning a lot, but the feeling is not so strong, what is wrong with the party. I engaged in the work of Shanghai dragon big words have 20 years, let me give them about one or two. read more

An example on how to build a more consistent with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure

two: with the structure of

as a portal of our content compared to other types of site will be more and more complex. A reasonable breadcrumb navigation can not only improve the keywords ranking at the same time, we can better promote the user’s good experience. We can see the change in A5. Remember when I visit A5 past stationmaster net, then this is a breadcrumb structure: home » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure, now the author found that the A5 surface crumbs navigation has undergone subtle changes. We can see the current breadcrumb structure has become: webmaster nets » & search; Shanghai dragon » how to build a portal site more in line with the Shanghai dragon and UEO site structure. One of the main reasons we can see that this change is to upgrade the A5 in the word on the web ranking. Friendly experience at the same time a reasonable crumb structure can also enhance the user’s good. So the structure of bread crumbs is one of the factors we improve the site of Shanghai dragon and UEO can not be ignored. read more

Create a large number of readability plateau and soft skills

to "do" (moving people from small to large in life with a story, the story of the title is more likely to move people, to attract people, lead people to read) "hanging" (interest, inspiration and suspense, people tend to have more suspense things interested), ". (" charming and suspense, people of unknown things are full of curiosity, the title form can design what you don’t know why the secret, secret, truth, trick, etc.) to "dangerous" scary (through intimidation means to attract readers to the attention of the soft, such as a health food soft Wen title "Oh, hyperosteogeny kills these types of title)". read more

How do get to win at the starting point of the site

last month to do a Tibetan mastiff breeding information network, now just on the line of love Shanghai included 11, the chain 60, which reached the stationmaster net love Shanghai traffic is expected to 66 of the results, the main keywords ranking all the love in Shanghai before three, as shown in figure

finished in the site analysis, I started the construction work, first of all, I selected both the keywords factors love Shanghai index, users search habits and industry information for the website, such as the Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff breeding Tibetan mastiff breeding, mating, breeding information, price of Tibetan Mastiff purebred Tibetan mastiff breeding information. At the same time, the authority and the keywords in order to increase the site’s ranking advantage, I choose www.zangaopeizhong贵族宝贝 (Tibetan mastiff breeding phonetic spelling) main domain name. read more

Home pages and how to make critical adjustment

to solve the problems title

is the second long title must be changed into a short title, in the current situation, compared with the long short title title in the ranking above is an advantage, short title can let the user at a glance.

two, front page adjustment

home page and inside pages can solve the rankings do not,

has poor stability and large floating phenomenon

Three First of all we need to know the

, a home page and adjust the operation purpose and benefits of

for the title, there are two main aspects, the first is our title of the standard, we do not add malicious keywords in the title, or add repetition and have included the key words, do not add special symbols at random, do not add descriptive language (a first, certain leading and so on), key words not too much too much, the weight of each keyword obtained will be relatively small, according to the name of the web site keywords, keywords, keyword format can be arranged from left to right, according to the importance of keywords. read more

How do the electricity supplier website is the most reasonable optimization

, one of the guests to the market to buy oranges, go to the front, a booth asked, how much is the orange, stall answered a 3.5 pound, the guests turned away, to second guests asked again how much orange, vendors are introduced respectively. The price of the oranges, asked for a sentence, you need that kind of taste. The guests said give me a pound to be sour. This guest bought a pound. At the time of leaving, traders to add a guest, say to the guest, feel good then let your friends come to buy, so the business of customer referrals. The guests go on to the next one, want to buy apple, vendors are also introduced one of a guest, said a pound with sour apples, merchants to guests picked a catty, casually asked the guest, is your wife to buy it, the guests said yes, traders said women don’t work during pregnancy and pay more attention to rest, eat some supplements, I have here a pregnant woman can eat some. This time a guest wants to say, too, so the customer bought a souvenir vendors, then introduce to the guests of other fruits, the guests down more than 100 dollars to buy fruit here. read more

Batch data chain refused to love Shanghai outside the chain of tools pro test is absolutely effectiv

for ER in Shanghai Longfeng Daily website optimization statistics, domain domain data can only be used as a chain of data included the chain data reference, the real value of Shanghai Longfeng people can see from the webmaster tools, then the external optimization effect now evaluated with these data.

refused to chat outside the chain of tools to love Shanghai, I want to talk to many just enter Shanghai dragon industry friends, speak a basic concept or common sense: also called the chain data chain data and statistics for senior Webmaster Tools query command of love of the Shanghai read more

Love Shanghai and Google update at the same time Shanghai dragon personnel should be how to treat

belongs to her show network (www.sheshows贵族宝贝), please indicate the source, thank you

2) cause the server is not stable, I hand on several projects, in addition to one because the server is not stable by included decline, several other projects have included the normal rise, I analyzed the under long IIS log, found that too much 200064 return code, basically because the server is not stable due to.


1) the situation with the 520 love Shanghai phenomenon is like, there may be the love of Shanghai’s own problems; because this included decline is too large, many included hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of sites included straight down to the front page or a few pages, is not normal. read more

An accident caused Links exchange related matters on

Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog launched more than two months time, original every day, writing. Our station query to weight 2, webmaster tools query weight 1, according to the background monitoring flow, the author thinks that the webmaster tools data reliable. Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng blog each regional keyword ranking for the first, the article published almost seconds, normal snapshot is the next day, of course, also saw two 1 minute snapshots, coincided with a love of Shanghai update.

webmaster tools is simulated search engine for the source code from the top to the bottom of the read more