Love Shanghai Dragon Technology in Shanghai VS station lifting adjustment algorithm


thousand years later, until finally the love of Shanghai was adjusted, but this time the surprise update appeared some big problems, that is, most of the website chain collapse, Difeng Shanghai dragon this time just want to talk to Shanghai dragon ER friends chat, Shanghai dragon will be back to believe that this time is our best way to improve the technology of Shanghai dragon. In fact, as early as last week, Wednesday, love Shanghai ranking has begun to change, and on that day, not how many friends website weight website ranking drop, the weight will naturally improve rankings, maybe a lot of people say, this time it didn’t just wave. A few days will be restored, time after a week, the ranking is also slowly recovering, but today, February 22nd is a 2 day. Outside the chain of many websites have reduced. What does this mean? We need to panic? The answer is, do not need read more

Title Party News website Upworthy investment monthly average UV over 20 millionsh419 alliance Manage

is also in October last year, Upworthy seeds obtained $4 million round of financing, investors are many big names, including Buzz Feed, Reddit co-founder John Johnson co-founder Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Facebook Chris Hughes.

Upworthy was founded 18 months ago, just 9 months after the October 2012 independent website visitors reached 8 million 700 thousand, in February this year increased to 10 million 400 thousand, up to now, the website monthly unique visitors has exceeded 20 million.

September 17th news, the media website Upworthy announced in the first round of financing to obtain $8 million investment, the main investors include Spark, Capital, Catamount, Ventures, Uprising and Knight Foundation. read more

On the same site search results ranking 2

believe that some friends occasionally to see such a situation, the same website address all in search of the same words appear in the 2 ranking. This not only makes us feel surprised, and this advantage is self-evident, we can obtain the flow ratio is more of the top 10 words. So what is the reason for this result? And what risks exist? Lose Pro Xiaobian together to find a URL web site search rankings have appeared 2 times those:

1 search spider serious URL address

why shortly before the search of his Shanghai dragon 2 directory / forum with and without love / also appear on the first page of Shanghai. Lose weight Pro Xiao Bian latest results already did not exist, the vocabulary of Shanghai Longfeng believe people and do some training in Shanghai dragon friends all know, the degree of competition is fierce. So like a normal search engine search results mentioned above URL 90% website is ranked the analysis system will bring the result of + /, so this does not take / take / and the same words appear in the search results is obviously a little against the search engine users to experience the meaning of. In addition to Cardiff like Shanghai Dragon why that high weight website after all, in China the number is not much, there is a URL address most of the webmaster friends ranking has anxious, if you know the skill set 301 redirect or ZhengZhan absolute path, almost no one would want to spread the weight 2 times ranking results, after all, this is equal to originally a ranking weight times, now 2.3 times can have ranking, keyword ranking cycle also increased obviously. So the general site especially 3-5 months. read more

The search engine ranking rules Scholarship model

in the university is very common, because each score is not only decided by performance, and by your usual integral to occupy a certain proportion, according to the different subjects are not the same proportion. This ranking as you now get a well done is not enough, SE will see you in, if you always don’t obey the rules, even if your final score is very high, but

you are suspected of cheating, and you usually behave, even if the final exam is bad, there may be very high in, you can still talent shows itself or not to fail the exam. This is the reality. read more

No ranking didn’t click Only blame too Low deployment site title!

C, not only for flow rate,

website title role? Ranked lower than you, but the flow is more than you; construction period almost, the other ten left the site practical street, but why is it not ranked? This could be the problem. Every good ranking site: the title is also very good, in the garbage sites in 70% sites made the title will be very

well, well, your website title deployment feasible? I believe some share below, will let you have results:

first "official" written in the title, if some of the common site, probably because the current two words is down right (past), because of the "official" is not to write, if all the sites are so written, who knows what is the official website? So do website certification. read more

How to analyze the competition website choose keywords to make up for their shortcomings

before optimization (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) in this site, I selected key words is really a bit failure. Why did I fail, you can search the three keywords, seborrheic alopecia, seborrheic alopecia, how to do the treatment of seborrheic alopecia. Three words the number of fat as shown in figure

three, try to figure out the competition website internal structure of

We choose the I have been

has a lot of Shanghai dragon does not know the internal structure, but there are a lot of internal structure brings meaning. You can try to figure out the use of competitors layout. For example, rival website internal link building, website long tail keywords, website CSS layout. In fact, there are many competitors on learning read more

UnionPay two-dimensional code to pay well The media tried it’s not as good as WeChat.A failed websit

with WeChat, Alipay almost. But in practice, it is much more trouble, and now we go to the store, most of the staff do not know, UnionPay launched a two-dimensional code, you can sweep yards, direct money.

scan code payment, you should have been no stranger. Now, even in the streets of fruit stalls, there are two-dimensional code, so you pay directly to sweep yards.

when asked about the latest promotion of UnionPay UnionPay sweep the two-dimensional code of the discount, 7-11 and Rosen are in consultation with the manager after the clerk replied that they currently only supports payment by Apple Pay this mobile phone brush bank card. read more

How to write the webmaster website title

length control

and title contain the keywords

this is a problem inside the Soso Ask: "-| coat jacket sweater coat
fashion coat | winter coat dress | army green coat collocation | lady coat how this should be a typical keyword, my suggestion is that if there is no brand websites (such as VANCL, excellence to determine the best keywords; etc.) should be in one to two or so.

love Shanghai search result can display 30 Chinese characters; here suggest that title length is best controlled within 32; if it can be controlled at about 25 is the best. There are a lot of people love to imitate some of the more successful web site title to write this, I think, is not entirely undesirable, but still want to own actual situation, because most successful website is not to the point of writing from Shanghai Phoenix website title. read more

Love Shanghai no shortage of wolf spirit should no longer adhere to the PPC Model

When the

when the Alibaba and Sina micro-blog negotiations, love Shanghai hesitated.

look at love Shanghai, Qihoo, three stock noble baby curve comparison, can be found in the last half year, love Shanghai more miserable.

when the Alibaba and the UC browser when negotiating, love Shanghai hesitate.

Alibaba and Sina micro-blog provides social marketing integrated service for small and medium-sized enterprises, Shanghai is facing the love can not provide new value-added services for customers of the embarrassing situation. read more

Original articles should be ranked first

here questions come, love Shanghai not to push the spark plan, not to support the original, is this is the original love Shanghai? Then you say the Shanghai algorithm is not mature, Shanghai original love is a lie, love Shanghai’s really so simple, really don’t do what every day, write on the line since shortly before the release of Shanghai love? Talk about the chain after judgment, now a lot of people outside the chain and no matter, now that Shanghai does not need love ranking chain, coupled with the love of Shanghai launched the original spark program, well, now every day to write articles, think to write a good article, then the ranking came naturally, naturally should be ranked first, really be so simple, that is not to say that Shanghai dragon has ended, after a editor to write every day You can, as long as the site has articles, other do not care, a lot of people because of this every day around whining about every day, everywhere abuse, it is not fair, only stand in their own interests to consider things, if it is really like these people think, the fairness for the other the website, those years of painstaking efforts of high weight website, such as A5, the owners of the house to this industry website, so, after we have these above soft articles, I should be ranked first, they should be ranked below me, I feel really such ranking, that is really the algorithm is not mature, I saw the article on the list in 360 he search " read more

Disclose the current situation and trends of several grassroots entrepreneurship channelsA month of

two, following the Taobao shop, I learned that there are Taobao customers such an industry, so began to pay attention to:

compared with his peers, small electric science and technology announced that the new year covering 30 cities ambition is not big, Tang Yongbo intends to control the rhythm of expansion. In his view, the B2B2C model, decided to share the charge treasure, the company between the war may be a protracted war for 5-10 years. "It’s okay to hit forty."." Tang Yongbo joked. read more

Shanghai dragon for Firefox specific parameters set detailed

by the way, here, I use the most is to find the page of reverse link function, directly connected to the reverse link YAHOO search page. Of course, Shanghai dragon for default is the Firefox toolbar in each page to load will display the corresponding data, and this will be a waste of server resources, thus often leads to errors in the query display reverse link when loading. At this point, you can right-click anywhere in the Firefox browser page, select in the pop-up menu: quake > preference Shanghai Longfeng; under specific settings, enter the path as below: read more

Please use simple thinking to face down the right home

believes that there are some slightly Shanghai Longfeng experience friends have experienced the website home page is K, this may be because we love Shanghai, or excessive optimization error (such as server time synchronization, IP for the same link caused by K), so the home page is K is a very common phenomenon, rather than the entire station is K relatively good deal more. But for the home page is K or to the situation, only to find the home page by reason of K to cause an antidote against the disease. read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice essential value thinking

user value, an abstract concept, but for the sake of users, you will find what you need, what you need to do. So soft, the chain also is such, why everyone in the stressed to the relevant website released the chain and not random hair? Correlation reflected a knowledge concentrated here, you have a chance to get the value related to you. The chain zone website does not have the value of the new algorithm, Scindapsus has made it clear that the light shielding such >

I am a rookie webmaster, learning Shanghai dragon is just over a year, now is a sophomore students, but I seriously through their own learning and thinking also earn their own living expenses, and enter the teachers help students Pioneer Park set up their own network studio, small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in website optimization. In the study, there is still a little knowledge and share read more

Seize the long tail keywords traffic accumulate steadily

long tail keywords, as the name suggests, is that some Extensions word keywords, such as keywords of your site as the "camera", so how to find the word "camera" some other long tail word? You can love or love according to the Shanghai index closed marine vocabulary inquiry find those words, and for the analysis of these words. You can find out the optimization of the word, then the related optimization operation. Then we have to talk about the "camera" wholesale "cameras offer" this two word long tail. read more

The 2013 day Shanghai baby noble partners overseas web developers concern


According to

it is understood that the number of participating in the activities of Google overseas web developers at least over 20%, thus the group caused no small concern. Now many domestic websites, copied from popular style pattern, coupled with the traffic acquisition costs continue to rise, let those who adhere to the original and real website to provide services for users living space more and more small. Therefore, this part of the webmaster began targeting overseas users, and try to provide Internet services for them. Because overseas users enough diversification and high loyalty, traffic access to simple, advertising revenue is also considerable development, more and more domestic owners began to go overseas websites. read more

See nine pieces of mail data show the real influence of 123

123 is equal to the flow rate of

nine pieces of Mail website is only included in the small fresh page in the small classification, included a few days there is nearly 600 of UV is introduced, and a rising trend, transformed into the user’s rate is relatively high. Think from this, those recommended to the 123 page of the website, every day the flow must be huge, so the 123 can be included, is very valuable.

wrote an article: lasted for half a year, nine piece of mail is to be included in 123, then later wrote an article said, with real data of nine piece of mail to show to be good effect after the 123 series included below, direct access to the topic: read more

Talk about the experience of Shanghai Longfeng users from Taobao shop

with the network era intensified, joining Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other large online shopping mall, online shopping has become a lot of people part of everyday life. Here the author mainly introduced by Taobao Taobao mall in user experience. I have not opened the Taobao store, but I take a view of consumer of Taobao mall user experience has the following views:

when we search a baby (here – for example, vest) you will find the entire page will appear vest products, of course, if you are in the description of the baby with an inscription, may display in the front row. The page will not vest consumers look confused, so how to make your baby into the consumer eye, here you need to modify the baby pictures, if your baby home with many stores the same baby, what do let buyers click on your store. Similarly, we also need to modify pictures in the picture, such as a "arbitrary 2 pieces of clothes" "promotion last day", consumers can buy high quality and inexpensive things always hope. Let your baby home with the other home buyers will keep the eyes out of the ordinary. We can take the diversification and update frequency of the website website content corresponding to this point. read more

Some views on the nternet love Shanghai artificial K station

website with the black hat means do it often will be ranked under artificial love Shanghai. This view is not correct. If so, the Liuhe color will so crazy love, Shanghai can be a knife cut all "Liu and" the word. We often see gray industrial black hat, but to do it, how many loved Shanghai? Don’t love Shanghai only artificial regular industry station? The issue is worth pondering.

I first introduce the name of a "love Shanghai", many people also listen to say, is in the online forum and the Shanghai dragon crazy pass, including members of Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, could not find a solution will say a word, I love Shanghai station will be artificial. Overnight pulled the hair. The origin of this term I will not say. Now the optimization research center meets the bottleneck. read more

Talk about the details of the success factors of website ranking details

is currently on the site’s ranking kiom cloud. If a site is not to love Shanghai or the first two pages of Google, it is very difficult to do website, website, how to make your website in the numerous website in the top rankings? What factors have influence on the site? The author of this problem and you with the talk.

second: hardware main factors influencing the website ranking and you also have a great relationship. Your host is not smooth, the relationship with the speed of speed, even if the performance of the server host can not be guaranteed if your site is difficult to have a good ranking in many sites. Not on the schedule, is meant to be. So we must not be careless, host and server hardware imagine a website always fall, always can not open the page, this website search engine will be very ruthless will you into the blacklist. read more