Shanghai dragon to is not just a technical achievement dream unremittingly

and Shanghai Longfeng deal for a long time, in retrospect sour, sweet, bitter, hot. A beginning to feel no what too difficult, some optimization of the customer’s site, keywords is also very easy to row up, make a novice feel very happy and happy, as a rookie heart Anxi: not what technology really Shanghai Longfeng, not that the station hair articles, outside the chain. Just started doing? Shanghai dragon is slightly feeling a little tired but very motivated, because just began to see some optimization effect, let a novice new Shanghai dragon is very impact, every day the first thing to do is to work to check their website ranking is well, what other snapshots, reverse link, etc. included are not quite understand, to do is to give website crazy hair the chain, is of course a manual release, one day down sometimes don’t feel Tired. read more

Keywords ranking unstable solutions

Second kinds of high

I from the quality, performance, for example:

content similarity: there are a lot of content page has the most similarity, at the beginning, there will be a very good included, but in the spider index after the screening, it will decline even by K.


so how do we do: we are from the user’s point of view to study what is most concerned about the users of products, users search for this product is what most want to know

performance: don’t copy product description > read more