SANTA Golf raises more than $3m for charities

first_imgThe 15th annual SANTA Charity Amateur Golf tournament culminated on Sunday, December 6, following two days of robust competition.This year’s event raised more than $3 million for a variety of charitable causes, fulfilling the spirit of the acronym, ‘Seeing A Need, Taking Action (SANTA)’.The SANTA charity golfing event, Jamaica’s premier and largest amateur golf charity tournament, continues to be a winning combination of sport, charity, fun, and celebration.The organisers of this year’s event were committed to raising at least $1 million for the Wortley Home, which was, unfortunately, gutted by fire. Friday’s Chip and Putt competition and an on-the-spot appeal to Buy-A-Block for $10K each ensured that the target was met.More than $400,000 was raised from that effort, all of which will go to the Wortley Home. Plans have been drawn up for the construction of a new building. Work is expected to start next year. The Boys’ Town Infant and Primary School received $600,000, while the Laws Street Trade and Training Centre got $400,000 and the Sickle Cell Foundation, $300,000.Speaking on behalf of the CB Facey Foundation, Robert Facey said the SANTA tournament was making a positive contribution.”I’m especially heartened by the participation of the young people as they are truly the future of this country,” he said.The SANTA Charity Golfing Event truly embodied the spirit of the season with well over 200 participants golfing for a good cause last weekend. The captain of the Constant Spring Golf Club, Raymond Campbell, thanked the corporations and organisations represented for their support. Tournament director David Mais underscored the fact that the continued growth of the tournament was not only beneficial for the sport in Jamaica, but a vital social-development tool.The overall tournament winner of the coveted Facey Cup was Frank Jackson, the founder of SANTA.In the senior category, Everton McDonald scored 36 points for second and Vivian Daley was third with 35.In the 0-12 handicap category, Sherold Philbert, Theodore Richards, and Peter Chin took third, second and first place, respectively. Bruce Levy, Jim Stitzel, Edward Alexander, and Dave Cameron rounded out the men’s 10-17 handicap category.In the Ladies 0-12 handicap category, Michelle Gabay was the winner. The 13-17 handicap category went to Rowena Coe, with Diane Hudson in second.In the ladies 18 and above handicap category, Aditi Dhiman won; Jennifer Davy was second; and Sharon Smith, third.In addition to the aforementioned companies, the SANTA tournament was made possible with support from the Jamaica National Building Society, Proven Wealth, The Gleaner, RJR Communications Group, Jamaica Broilers, Hot Off the Press, Whistling Frog Agency, Wisynco, Coldfield Manufacturing, Pepsi, and Heineken, which provided refreshments and hospitality through the duration of the tournament.last_img read more

Brazil court freezes US$48m in Neymar assets

first_imgRIO DE JANEIRO (AP):A Brazilian court has frozen assets of Barcelona star Neymar, his family and related businesses valued at US$48 million.The Sao Paulo federal court said yesterday that the 23-year-old is alleged to have evaded almost US$16 million between 2011 and 2013. He moved in 2013 from Brazilian club Santos to Spain’s Barcelona.In a statement, Judge Carlos Muta said Neymar only declared assets worth a little less than US$5 million.However, Iagaro Jung Martins, an auditor with Brazil’s federal tax agency, said that Neymar isn’t likely to go to jail if he pays what he owes.”He will be able to discuss the frozen assets in a civil court,” Martins told The Associated Press (AP). “But legislation in Brazil isn’t too harsh. If Neymar pays what he owes, he is very likely to be free from any other punishment.”Contacted by AP, Neymar’s father Neymar da Silva Santos, who serves as the player’s business manager, called the charges “unjust.””Neymar Jr is not a partner in any of those companies and, therefore, he cannot declare something he does not own,” he told AP. The elder Neymar said that Brazil’s tax agency “doesn’t understand” his son’s tax obligations.His father also said his son’s case had yet to be heard by the court.In May, a Spanish court alleged Barcelona club president Josep Bartomeu and his predecessor Sandro Rosell evaded millions in taxes after signing Neymar.last_img read more

Daughter of late great GAA legend asks Donegal fans to back book to No1

first_imgTHE daughter of late great GAA legend Tony Keady has issued a personal plea to supporters of the game in Donegal to back her Dad to No1 in the book charts.Galway hurling legend Tony passed away last August aged just 53.Now Shannon Keady has penned a personal letter to every club in Donegal asking fans to get a book about his life – One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend – to the top of the book charts. Here’s Shannon’s letter in full:My name is Shannon Keady, and I am writing to ask you a big favour.My Dad is Tony Keady, and he passed away suddenly at the end of last summer. But myself and my Mam, and my three brothers, have published a book telling his story. It is written by Liam Hayes, the former Meath footballer and journalist.The book is called ‘One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend’ because my Dad would always tell us to give 110% any time myself and my three brothers were playing camogie or hurling, or if we were doing our exams in school.My Dad’s book was published last month and it is now in bookshops all over the country. We are so proud of it. It means the world to us. My Mam and I were on the Late Late Show a few weeks ago talking about it and she said that the book kept us all going through our first winter without my Dad. That is true. It did.Now as a family, we want to give 110% for my Dad’s book. He would have wanted it to be the No.1 book in the country, and we want to make it the No.1 book in the country.At the moment it is No.1 in Galway, and in the Top 20 in Ireland. Can you help me and my brothers make it No.1?I am asking everyone in the GAA for their help.Father’s Day is on June 17, and we think it would be a great present for every father in the GAA.It would be the best thing ever if ‘One Hundred and Ten Per Cent Legend’ was No.1 before my Dad’s first anniversary in August.Thank you for reading this, and I hope you can help.Yours Sincerely,Shannon Keady.  Daughter of late great GAA legend asks Donegal fans to back book to No1 was last modified: May 31st, 2018 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:bookdonegalGAATony Keadylast_img read more

Inoel Beato, aboard So Elite, captures C.J. Hindley-Hunboldt County Marathon title

first_imgFERNDALE >> Given a patient trip by jockey Inoel Beato, So Elite surged to the front on the final turn, powered away and comfortably held the late bid of 28-1 longshot Yur Teasing Me to capture the 63rd edition of the $20,000 C.J. Hindley-Humboldt County Marathon Handicap Sunday, and give trainer Jonathan Wong a Humboldt conditioning crown in his first trip to Ferndale.The three-length triumph by So Elite was Wong’s sixth victory of the six-day Humboldt meet, and the five points earned pushed …last_img read more

What Digg Was Really Like at Its Peak

first_imgmarshall kirkpatrick Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#Analysis#web center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Digg, the one-time king of the user-driven online news sites, saw its founder Kevin Rose announce his departure yesterday and was written up as dead by several leading publications. Top among the requiems was Sarah Lacy’s article on TechCrunch, RIP Digg.Lacy articulates one perspective on the news very well. It really is just one, very rosy, perspective though. “Revisionist history, if there ever was one,” Tweeted Guardian-exited media industry scribe Rafat Ali about Lacy’s article. Lacy’s coverage is good from the perspective she comes from, as a writer of compelling business narratives, but there’s more to the whole story of Digg than that. Here’s a little more to consider.Three years ago in May, I wrote up an in-depth post about the other side of Digg: the seedy, half-secret underbelly of its community’s leaders, characterized by a hunger for power, influence peddling, delusion and more. I didn’t even get into the culture of perpetual suspended teen ager-ism, the slowness to surface most news and the sensationalism of the front page stories.Digg still sees millions of visitors every month, but traffic and site activity seem to be dropping fast. It’s as good a time as any to take a look at the site’s history.The Business End Was More Complicated Than We Might Remember as WellHere’s the meat and potatoes of Lacy’s characterization of Digg:“Digg has always represented the spirit of the early Web 2.0 movement to me. Facebook has never been the emblematic company of the Web’s mid-2000 resurgence, because it has always been such an outlier from the pack. But Digg- like Delicious, Six Apart, Flickr, YouTube and others- was one of those messy, risky companies founded at a time when no one was ready to believe in the Web again. The scars from the 2000 bust were too deep. These companies weren’t celebrated like Web startups today- they were mocked. People thought the founders were delusional.The entrepreneurs were the exact opposite of the kids today seduced by the promises of Y Combinator, easy cash of super angels and lure of TechCrunch headlines. They were doing something that still stank of broken dreams and evaporated billions. And they were doing it for one simple reason: they couldn’t stop themselves……Digg helped transform how we consume media. While media properties balked at the idea in 2006, share buttons litter the Web today. We no longer rely on media gatekeepers for news. No one tells us what the front page should be- we create our own with the help of our friends.That scrappy story is moving, and I wouldn’t want to go toe to toe with Lacy debating its validity, but I can’t help but note that any mockery of Digg as a long-shot pipe dream was probably mitigated by the fact that Jay Adelson, a 3-time company founder (in one case of a billion dollar firm), joined Digg as its CEO in February 2005 – just two months after the company was launched.Twelve months after Digg was founded, the company announced it had raised almost $3 million from a group of all-star investors: Valley Godfather and early Google backer Ron Conway, Netscape co-founder and leading investor Marc Andreesen, LinkedIn founder and friend to Valley golden boys galore Reid Hoffman, eBay co-founder Pier Omidyar’s Omidyar Network and several other equally impressive investors. If that’s what it looked like to be mocked in 2005, I’d hate to see what egomania praise might have lead to.Above: Rose tells the world about Digg weeks after it launched on the popular TV show Screen Savers he co-hosted, without mentioning the fact that it was his own site. Screen Savers was a big deal in the mid 2000’s: it was part of a network acquired by Comcast and was full of future stars. Rose replaced Leo Laporte on the network, for example.So in some ways yes, Digg was a big disruptive outsider in the world’s media; but the other side of the same coin was that it was also part of the Silicon Valley elite insiders’ game.The Truly Messy Culture of DiggWhat was the culture of Digg like? Its readers and power users sent a whole lot of traffic to ReadWriteWeb, that’s for sure. We didn’t spend much time in the Digg comments section discussing those stories, but we were sure appreciative for the readership. How did things work behind the scenes at that ostensible birth-place of democratically selected daily news? It wasn’t always so pretty. I’ll repost below my May 17th, 2008 article about infighting and influence peddling at Digg.MrBabyMan: Digg Users Revolt, Against the One Pure Man at the Top Andrew Sorcini lives in Los Angeles, works as an animator for Disney and is the most powerful user that social news site has ever seen. Known at Digg and elsewhere as MrBabyMan, Sorcini has submitted a site-leading 2,400+ stories that have hit the site’s coveted front page. Those front page submissions have delivered an estimated 50 million pageviews to the sites the submissions came from. A good number of those submissions have been RWW articles, and we appreciate that. [The image on the left is MrBabyMan’s avatar on Digg and elsewhere.]For months, a small but outspoken number of Digg’s millions of other users have complained about seeing as many as three or four MrBabyMan submissions on the front page at one time. As we write this he has two front page stories. Those successes are outshined, however, by the most popular story on Digg Friday night: a cartoon accusing MrBabyMan of stealing stories from smaller Digg users.Just before noon on Friday, Sorcini submitted the image on the left to Digg. An obtuse critique of the US Federal Government’s economic stimulus plan, the image was apparently on the minds of more people than just MrBabyMan. Just after noon the image on the right was posted by Kimberly Vogt, a software engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Security, girlfriend of Digg QA Analyst Jeremy McCarthy a Digg employee other than McCarthy and a rare non-employee to have reciprocal friendships with many of the top staff at Digg.Innocent enough, right? It was submitted in the humor category and Vogt now says the image was submitted “all in good fun.”Either way, it provided an opportunity for angry Digg users to lash out at MrBabyMan. At 7:30 Sorcini posted a message to Twitter reading: “If this is how the majority of the Digg community feels, I’ll quit. I won’t be a part of a group that doesn’t want me” – with a link to the critical, remixed cartoon.By eight o’clock that evening the Vogt submission hit the front page of Digg – two hours before MrBabyMan’s original submission went popular. At midnight a link to Sorcini’s Twitter message hit the front page with the title “MrBabyMan Might Quit Digg?” By the time the bars closed Friday night more than 2000 people had voted for Vogt’s cartoon and there were 750 comments left between the two negative posts. Vogt’s was the most popular of all submissions made to the site on Friday. A heated debate raged in comments between Digg users of every degree of psychological maturity and perspective on the issue that you can imagine: should MrBabyMan go or should he stay?The Charges Against the BabyManThere are a number of criticisms that Digg users levy against Andrew Sorcini. The primary one, which Vogt’s cartoon remix refers to, is that MrBabyMan submits duplicate stories that other Diggers have submitted, knowing that his superior prowess will eliminate any chance that the original submission will hit the front page.The next criticism is that MrBabyMan uses an unfairly large network of friends and spam-like “shouts” to garner favors and give his submissions an artificial momentum that they don’t warrant on merit alone.Finally, it’s frequently whispered that MrBabyMan and other top Digg users are being paid for submitting stories. There are certainly people willing to pay them.MrBabyMan and Friends RespondCriticism reaching this peak really upset Sorcini. He and a group of friends who often engage in hours-long group chats on Skype decided to write up a summary of the situation and see if they could find someone to write about it. A contact brought them me. I spoke with the group of six people for more than 3 hours late Friday night.MrBabyMan’s friends say that top digg users never knowingly repost something someone else already has unless the initial post is poorly submitted and not doing well. MrBabyMan says he never sends shouts to promote his stories and he doesn’t get paid for what he does on Digg. The relationship between submission, promotion and money is more complex than simple pay for diggs, though.I came away from the conversation with a number of conclusions. The dominant one is this. Andrew Sorcini’s MrBabyMan persona is sitting at the top of a small network of loyal friends, made up of people like SEO marketers, PR agents turned would-be social media experts and other unsavory folk. That circle is further surrounded by an even larger network of millions of Digg users who try to have fun on the site but also wish they could find success there. Many of them no doubt wish they too could find a way to make a living in the snake-oil filled circus that is “new media marketing,” as many of the top Digg users have done.In the middle of all this mess, though, MrBabyMan is one of the most warm hearted, genuine and in many cases naive people that you will meet anywhere. The Emperor is the only one wearing clothes.Is He Gaming the System?MrBabyMan says he has added friends to help promote stories because that’s how the rules work, if he didn’t need to do that he wouldn’t. He believes that most of his critics are new users who haven’t had enough experience yet to know how the site works. He says he’s totally accessible and can be reached by anyone who wants to talk to him – though he didn’t know that the email addresses on his profile were visible only to his friends until it was pointed out to him in our conversation.“All I ever wanted,” he said, “was just for the stories to live or die on their own merits. If everyone was on a level playing field I would love that – because I still have the skills to find the great stories…I’m not complaining about the algorithm, but I don’t want to be vilified for working within the parameters of it.”Money and DiggWhile Sorcini’s editorial genius has put him in a place of total dominance over a site that symbolizes success for a world of marketers facing disruption of traditional media – MrBabyMan is one of the few people in the upper echelon of the Digg community whose income is completely unrelated to his activities there. While mid-tier Diggers are far more likely to be engaging in pure pay-for-play, other people at various points in the hierarchy are building careers as “new media experts.” The experience that lands them the consulting contracts they live on? A demonstrated history of success in promoting stories on sites like Digg. These people aren’t being paid to Digg stories – they are being paid to do other things (like advising on social media strategy) because of their success on Digg. There may be nothing wrong with that (this author has a private consulting practice in vaguely related matters as well) but to claim that top Digg users invest as much time and energy into the site as they do entirely “for the love of it” and “to share good stories with people” – with no economic incentive, short or long term, is a cynical joke. MrBabyMan may be one of very few people in the upper echelon for whom that is the case. He says he does no outside consulting and gets no payment for his activities on Digg. He’s got a good job working as an illustrator for Disney. You could say the man helps create fairy tales on Digg, as well. The story of the democratically based user generated news site, driven by people in it for the love of the community, may be one fairy tale Sorcini helps propagate.Surprisingly, the man doesn’t have the sense to monetize what he does do online very well at all. He’s the host for the excellent social media podcast The Drill Down, where the most successful users on sites like Digg discuss what’s in the news and often news about the social media sites themselves. A small audience of rabid, new media savvy listeners get The Drill Down as a podcast or watch it streamed live on UStream video.Sorcini does go to the trouble to sell ads on the Drill Down, but he asks his advertisers for so little money that it will hardly buy him a nice dinner each month. Ads on the podcast hosted by a man who has helped deliver probably 50 million page views since joining Digg two and a half years ago – are essentially free. Everyone reading here should go buy an ad right now, you’d be a fool not to given the price point.That’s genuinely not what it’s about for MrBabyMan, he’s not in it for the money. He just likes Digg, and he probably likes all the power he’s got at the site – even if he does have to fend off a hostile cartoon from National Security geeks who happen to be a Digg employee’s girlfriend sometimes. He’s human, too, so sometimes he fudges a little. “The only promotion I do,” he said, “is Digging the stories my friends submit and keeping the chain of Digging going. That’s the same thing everyone does and that’s the system Digg has set up.” Blind digging of friends’ stories because they’re your friends’ stories, if that’s what Sorcini is talking about, is frowned upon as contrary to the supposed essence of the site.Generally speaking, Andrew Sorcini appears to be honestly dedicated to delivering value to the people of the Digg community. By being an entirely un-paid player in the game – he may be almost the only person in his circle whose exclusive motivation is benevolent. There’s nothing wrong with making a living as a social media expert, though the term tends to be very loosely defined, but in their revolt against the financially incentivized, conspiratorial gaming of social news – those unhappy Digg users may have picked the least logical target in the guy at the top. There’s no shortage of creeps in that scene but by all indications, MrBabyMan isn’t one of them. Is the kind-hearted MrBabyMan just a patsy for a shadowy world of less honest Digg power users? Is part of his job as top dog to be the fall guy when mass user distaste of other peoples’ influence peddling and grey-hat tactics needs a scape goat? All of that seems possible. More likely, though, there’s no one way to look at this story. The only constant, when I look at these events from different perspectives, is that Andrew Sorcini is a uniquely valuable member of the Digg community – whether they always appreciate him or not.last_img read more

Time Is Your Friend or Your Foe

first_imgWhen you work in sales, time can feel like your enemy. The goal that you are working towards is timed. Sometimes you have a full quarter to reach a goal, and other times you have a year. The slow countdown starts at the beginning of the period, and when it ends, a new countdown begins.The clock is relentless. It methodically ticks off the seconds, minutes, and hours. The seconds quickly turn into minutes, the minutes swiftly turn into hours, and before you know it, the time has disappeared before your very eyes.  A minute of doing nothing will have little to no impact on your overall results. Wasting thirty minutes won’t do much damage either. You might be able to waste an entire half a day without any negative repercussions or consequences. That one day isn’t going to cause you to miss your goals.But you hours quickly turn into days. You can waste an entire day, giving up 20 percent of your week, and it’s unlikely that anyone will notice, nor will anyone say anything to you. You may be able to stretch out a wasted day to a wasted week, or maybe even a couple weeks, without anyone holding you accountable. If someone were to ask you what you’ve been doing, there are always tasks in your inbox that are work-related enough to give you cover. The inbox is a lovely alibi when you are wasting time, always there, willing to cover for you with things that look like work but do nothing to further your goals.You have thirteen weeks in a fiscal quarter. Giving up one of those weeks is to give up about 8 percent of the time you have in which to produce your goal. Giving up a month is to give up almost 31 percent of your time to produce whatever is required of you in that fiscal quarter. If you allow the time to slip by, you’re giving up the one resource you have that there is no way to reacquire. The time you spend without doing productive work is the time you are losing toward your goal. Later on, when you wish you had the time, it will be unavailable to you.Sales is a game of urgency. It requires that you do the work now, giving yourself as much time as possible to deliver the result you’re being asked to produce. It’s a mistake to waste that time and shorten the distance to the end of the quarter. In some human endeavors, it is impossible to cram. This is the law of the farm; you plant in Spring, you harvest in the Fall. If you do not plant in Spring, you will have nothing to harvest come Fall.There is no way to make up for lost time in this sale with an average cycle time of 90, 180, or 365 days. Not initiating a conversation and creating an opportunity 79 days ago, leaves you with 21 days to do what you know takes you 90 days, and with a prospective client who isn’t concerned about working on your timeline.You might think that this makes time your enemy. But time is neutral. It treats you the same as it treats everyone else. It shows up as a gift, completely paid for in full, yours to do with as you wish. The decision as to whether you invest time in big, important things, or spend it on what amounts to playing the penny slots is entirely yours alone.When you decide to waste time, it can certainly feel like it is the enemy because you will be deprived of it later, when you need it most. If you decide to manage yourself, using your time wisely, investing it in the most important outcomes you need to generate, time is a powerful ally.How you feel about time, is really how you feel about your ability to manage yourself and your willingness to focus and give your work your full attention and energy.last_img read more

Woman confined for 20 years, rescued

first_imgA complaint lodged by a para legal volunteer(PLV) of District Legal Service Authority(DLSA), North Goa district, a team comprising social activists and police officials on Saturday rescued a woman who was allegedly illegally confined to a room at Sakhali, Bicholim-taluk in North Goa, by her mother and brother for over 20 years.Senior official of the DLSA, North district told The Hindu on Tuesday that the confinement of the woman came to light after her cousin brought the issue to the attention of the police.The woman of around 45 years of age was found seriously malnourished and the police got her admitted to the North Goa district hospital, Mapusa, for treatment. The police said she was locked up by her mother while she was pursuing her Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in her early 20s.Taking into consideration her serious condition doctors at the primary health centre where she was initially taken for medical treatment advised the police to transfer her to the North Goa district hospital, Mapusa.”No formal police complaint has been filed yet. She is recovering at North Goa District Hospital”, Mr. Sanjay Dalvi, Police Inspector in-charge of Bicholim police station told The Hindu on Tuesday eveninglast_img read more

UAAP taekwondo: NU starts strong in title-retention bid

first_imgView comments Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasa National Univesity put on a strong start in its campaign to retain the the women’s division title, dismantling De La Salle, 5-2, in the UAAP Season 80 taekwondo tournament at Blue Eagle Gym.Sisters Rhezie and Rheza Aragon led the way for the Lady Bulldogs.ADVERTISEMENT John Lloyd Cruz a dashing guest at Vhong Navarro’s wedding University of the Philippines, meanwhile, took the top seed in the men’s division after scoring a close 4-3 victory over University of Santo Tomas and a 6-1 domination of Ateneo.UST and Ateneo also chalked up early victories in the women’s division.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe Golden Tigresses ran rampant against University of the East, 6-1, while last year’s Rookie of the Year Pauline Lopez led the Lady Eagles to a 4-3 win over UP.In the juniors division, UST snapped UE’s four-year reign and became the new rulers of the high school tournament behind MVP Israel Cantos. Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:00Chief Justice Peralta on upcoming UAAP game: UP has no match against UST01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Japan ex-PM Nakasone who boosted ties with US dies at 101 Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Read Nextcenter_img CPP denies ‘Ka Diego’ arrest caused ‘mass panic’ among S. Tagalog NPA LATEST STORIES Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC MOST READ Stronger peso trims PH debt value to P7.9 trillion QC cops nab robbery gang leader, cohort The Bullpups, which lost to the Tiger Cubs via tiebreak, settled for second while De La Salle-Zobel completed the podium after edging out UE for third place. Blackwater owner hoping for the best amid lockout fearslast_img read more

UK clothing major Marks and Spencer now in India

first_imgThe 7,000 sq.ft Marks and Spencer store at Ansal Plaza in DelhiThe Indian retail industry has competition. UK clothing major Marks and Spencer is now in India, at Ansal Plaza in Delhi and at Crossroads in Mumbai.For starters, the stores will sell a range of adult clothing – womenswear (suits,,The 7,000 sq.ft Marks and Spencer store at Ansal Plaza in DelhiThe Indian retail industry has competition. UK clothing major Marks and Spencer is now in India, at Ansal Plaza in Delhi and at Crossroads in Mumbai.For starters, the stores will sell a range of adult clothing – womenswear (suits, lingerie), menswear (classic suits, jackets, trousers) and toiletries. Richard Sweet, head of the international franchise group for Marks and Spencer, says the clothes, as in the parent store, will be sourced from around the world.An understated fashion show – which began fashionably late – at the residence of the British high commissioner last week marked the Delhi launch. Marks and Spencer, along with its India partner Planet Sports, have the task of understanding the Indian market and competitive pricing.Check the price tags: a pair of dark indigo jeans with white stretch lycra comes for Rs 2,350, a perfect stretch white cotton shirt costs Rs 2,758.The lingerie looks promising: satin nightwear, Gabriella lace lingerie bras and knickers. Call (011) 628-1476/84/85.last_img read more