From Old & In The Way To The Pizza Tapes And More: The Best Of David Grisman

first_imgWhen Grisman and Rowan teamed up with Grateful Dead lead guitarist and fellow bluegrass aficionado Jerry Garcia, Vassar Clements, and John Kahn to form Old & In The Way in 1973 and record the self-titled album, they more than likely wouldn’t have expected the album to be the best-selling bluegrass album of all time (only to eventually be succeeded by the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou?). However, it did further cement a great friendship and creative chemistry between Garcia and Grisman, a man the Dead leader dubbed “Dawg”.Old & In The Way [Full Album]:[courtesy of JerrysKids]The Pizza Tapes….the story behind this two-night session between Grisman, Garcia, and acoustic guitarist Tony Rice is something out of the old folklore tradition. While Grisman and Rice were recording at his studio in 1993, Dawg invited Garcia to come over and record. Apparently a pizza delivery guy stole Garcia’s copy shortly after the sessions, and then began circulating tapes at various shows on Dead tour. Some of the bootlegs were confiscated, and Grisman eventually went on to release the now aptly dubbed The Pizza Tapes in 2000.Garcia / Grisman / Rice “Shady Grove” from The Pizza Tapes:[courtesy of Ultranothing]It is well-known that The String Cheese Incident (especially guitarist Billy Nershi) are huge fans of Grisman, Peter Rowan, The Grateful Dead and the bluegrass tradition in an of itself. When the band performed with both Grisman and Rowan at 2015’s Gathering of the Vibes, it was a bridging of the generations that was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences.SCI w/ Grisman & Rowan “Land of the Navajo”:[courtesy of mk devo] Today, we wish a Happy 71st Birthday to bluegrass mandolinist David Grisman. A piano player growing up, Grisman’s musical influences steered him in the direction of rock, folk, and traditional music early on in his teen years. While living in Greenwich Village, he met many different folk musician’s and went on to become a members of the Even Dozen Jug Band. In 1966, he recorded Early Dawg, which featured a young Del and Jerry McCoury; the live album didn’t see the light of day until 1980.Early Dawg “The Prisoner’s Song”:[courtesy of David Grisman – Topic]In 1967, Grisman sparked a friendship with Peter Rowan and formed the group Earth Opera, a group that was very much in the spirit of the psychedelic rock scene of the late 60’s. Though they didn’t get much commercial success, it paved the way for the Boston-based group to meet some other influential musicians down the road.Earth Opera “The Great American Eagle Tragedy”:[courtesy of 60srad]Grisman had briefly met Jerry Garcia, who very quickly invited him to play on the Grateful Dead‘s 1970 album American Beauty, it foreshadowed the beginnings of many more collaborations in years to come. Grisman’s mandolin has become synonymous with both “Ripple” and “Friend of the Devil”.Grateful Dead “Ripple” from American Beauty:[courtesy of LongStrangeTrip710]last_img read more

Phil Lesh And The Terrapin Family Band Kick Off Thanksgiving Celebrations [Full Show Video]

first_imgThe band returns to the stage on Sunday night with guitarist Tom Hamilton (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, American Babies), guitarist Ross James, pianist Holly Bowling, and drummer Alex Koford. Following a five night Halloween run on the east coast, Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh returned to San Rafael, California for a series of Thanksgiving celebrations at his own Terrapin Crossroads. Dubbed Phriendsgiving: A Musical Celebration, the price of admission includes a full Thanksgiving feast and a Phil and Friends show. The Friday night show included Terrapin Family Band‘s Ross James, Grahame Lesh, and Alex Koford. Thanks to Deadheadland Films, you can watch full video of the show below:last_img read more

Hot Tuna Announces Electric Tour With Steve Kimock

first_imgJorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady will join forces with Steve Kimock for an Electric Hot Tuna tour later this year. The band will also feature Justin Gulp on drums.The tour will kick off with a set at Nederland, CO’s NedFest before the group swings through much of the Pacific Coast and Mountain West over the course of the next three weeks. Finally, the outing will wrap a show at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, NM.“With Steve Kimock on board for this Hot Tuna Tour you can count on a multidimensional dialogue between musical friends,” Kaukonen reportedly said in an official statement. “There’s never a dull moment when Steve is part of the conversation!”“Musicianship, chemistry, history, Jack and Jorma are the real deal on every level. It’s an honor to hang with those guys and play that music,” Kimock added.After finishing up the Electric Hot Tuna tour, Kaukonen and Casady will reconvene in the fall for an Acoustic Hot Tuna tour and a few Electric Hot Tuna shows (including a November 21st performance at New York City’s Beacon Theatre). You can check out the full list of Hot Tuna tour dates, including their fall acoustic dates, here.Electric Hot Tuna with Steve Kimock Tour Dates:August 25 NedFest – Nederland, COAugust 28 Center for the Arts – Jackson, WYAugust 30 Neptune Theatre – Seattle, WAAugust 31  Revolution Hall – Portland, ORSeptember 1 McDonald Theatre – Eugene, ORSeptember 2 Mt Winery – Saratoga, CASeptember 4 Crest Theatre – Sacramento, CASeptember 6 El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CASeptember 7 Brooklyn Bowl – Las Vegas, NVSeptember 8 Scottsdale Center for the Arts – Phoenix, AZSeptember 10 The Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZSeptember 11 KiMo Theatre – Albuquerque, NM[H/T –]View All Tour Dateslast_img read more

Childish Gambino Shares New Single Via New Augmented Reality Phone App

first_imgChildish Gambino, the musical alias for acclaimed actor/screenwriter Donald Glover, has shared a new single which is only available to be heard through a new virtual reality app on Android an iOS phones.Related: Pre-Fame Donald Glover Appears In The Crowd In A Beastie Boys Concert Film Shot In 2004According to reports, the song, titled, “Algorythm”, can be accessed by users who download a brand new augmented reality app named PHAROS AR, which was launched for mobile phone users on Wednesday. As Billboard reports, the real-time reality app takes users on a journey into “a cosmos of tropical petroglyphs.” The technology allows multiple users (players) in a single geographic location to explore the virtual space together in hopes of unlocking the new song. The game within the app was developed by a company known as Unity, which has partnered with the rap artist in the past during a three-day V.R. event at California’s Joshua Tree National Park.A statement shared by Unity to their blog on Wednesday further explains how fans can access Glover’s music through the app.“The PHAROS AR app, developed by MediaMonks, lets you experience new Gambino sounds while you’re immersed in a cosmic, interactive journey. The AR experience, which draws inspiration from his PHAROS New Zealand event, is visually thrilling, with motion-capture-driven particle effects creating astral bodies and high-fidelity psychedelic effects accompanying the story … The app also provides an immersive sound experience, using spatialized audio loops to slowly build up the highly anticipated new music.”Glover reportedly had plenty of input throughout the process of developing the virtual landscape, and was ultimately the one who gave Unity the final approval.“When you see him in concert or see his music videos or his new film or the AR app,” Unity tech producer Sarah Stumbo said in a statement about the project. “It kind of all ties together into the same universe.”Speaking of technology and its relation to Glover’s music, it’s worth noting that Childish Gambino also offered his fans a virtual-reality vinyl as part of the deluxe version of his acclaimed, George Clinton-approved 2016 studio album, Awaken, My Love!While the recorded version of “Algorythm” may be a new release, Glover has actually been performing the track throughout his 2018 arena tour, including his two recent performances at Coachella. Glover also used his time at the popular event to premiere his new short film, Guava Island, in which Glover co-starred alongside Rihanna.[H/T Billboard]last_img read more

Powerful telescope has scientists seeing red

first_imgIn the distant reaches of the universe, almost 13 billion light-years from Earth, a strange species of galaxy lay hidden. Cloaked in dust and dimmed by the intervening distance, even the Hubble Space Telescope couldn’t spy it. It took the revealing power of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to uncover not one, but four remarkably red galaxies. And while astronomers can describe the members of this new “species,” they can’t explain what makes them so ruddy.“We’ve had to go to extremes to get the models to match our observations,” said Jiasheng Huang of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). Huang is lead author on the paper announcing the find, which was published online by The Astrophysical Journal.Spitzer succeeded where Hubble failed because Spitzer is sensitive to infrared light — light so red that it lies beyond the visible part of the spectrum. The newfound galaxies are more than 60 times brighter in the infrared than they are at the reddest colors Hubble can detect.Galaxies can be very red for several reasons. They might be very dusty. They might contain many old, red stars. Or they might be very distant, in which case the expansion of the universe stretches their light to longer wavelengths and hence redder colors (a process known as redshifting). All three reasons seem to apply to the newfound galaxies.All four galaxies are grouped near each other and appear to be physically associated, rather than being a chance lineup. Due to their great distance, we see them as they were only a billion years after the Big Bang — an era when the first galaxies formed.“Hubble has shown us some of the first protogalaxies that formed, but nothing that looks like this. In a sense, these galaxies might be a ‘missing link’ in galactic evolution” said co-author Giovanni Fazio of the CfA.Next, researchers hope to measure an accurate redshift for the galaxies, which will require more powerful instruments like the Large Millimeter Telescope or Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. They also plan to search for more examples of this new “species” of extremely red galaxies.“There’s evidence for others in other regions of the sky. We’ll analyze more Spitzer and Hubble observations to track them down,” said Fazio.last_img read more

Poland: Near-total abortion ban takes effect amid protests

first_imgWARSAW, Poland (AP) — A near-total ban on abortion has taken effect in Poland three months after a top court ruled that the abortion of congenitally damaged fetuses is unconstitutional. Led by a women’s rights group, people poured onto the streets of Warsaw and other cities for the second evening in a row on Thursday to protest the move. Some Polish women are saying if they can’t terminate pregnancies in cases of badly deformed fetuses, they won’t try to have children at all. Poland’s top human rights official denounced the further restriction of what was already one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, calling it a tragedy for women which condemns them “to torture.”last_img read more

Weekend Poll Top Three: Fans Think the Heathers Cast Album is So Very!

first_img View Comments 3. The Bridges of Madison County—12% To balance this list out some, let’s throw in some head voice. Though this heartbreaking musical was sadly short-lived on the Great White Way this season, Jason Robert Brown’s Tony-winning score lives on for whenever you need a good cry. Kelli O’Hara and Steven Pasquale’s vocals perfectly accompany a night in with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, some tissues and a snuggie. 2. If/Then—21% Speaking of beltresses…who’s this Idina Menzel girl? Her powerhouse vocals are in top form in this score from the Pulitzer-winning Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey. The cast album debuted at No. 19 on the Billboard 200 chart—the highest debut for a cast recording since Rent in 1996 (lesson being: have Idina Menzel sing on your cast album). If you’re still parched for more of the Frozen queen, check out our playlist of all things Idina here. Or just wait for her Christmas album. While “Coming to America” and “Born in the U.S.A” made great background tracks for fireworks this weekend, there are quite a few new cast albums out that we’re currently obsessing over. We asked you which new recording is your must-have. The votes are in and here are the shows you can’t stop listening to! 1. Heathers—24% Our love is Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy. Call us old fashioned, but we tend to believe that no cast album is complete without four fierce ladies belting their faces off. Thanks to Barrett Wilbert Weed, Elle McLemore, Jessica Keenan Wynn and Alice Lee, that’s exactly what the cast album of Heathers delivers, and then some. From the haunting and introspective “Freeze Your Brain” and “Seventeen” to the insane harmonies on “Candy Store,” this recording makes the perfect playlist for eating pâté and playing croquet.last_img read more

Volz appointed Public Service Board chairman

first_imgVolz appointed Public Service Board chairmanJames Volz, who has served as the Department of Public Service’s (DPS) director for public advocacy since 1989, has been appointed chair of the Public Service Board, Governor Jim Douglas has announced.According to its mission statement, the Public Service Board is a quasi-judicial board that regulates the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont’s public utilities: cable television, electric, gas, telecommunications, water and large wastewater companies.As director of public advocacy, Volz represents the interests of the public in regulated utility matters before Vermont and federal regulatory agencies and courts. Governor Douglas, who made the appointment, said this experience would serve him well as chairman.Volz, 55, of Montpelier has also served as special counsel to DPS from 1985-1989; an associate at a private law practice; a Deputy State’s Attorney; and a clerk for Justice Franklin S. Billings Jr. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Franklin Pierce Law Center in May, 1981.The appointment is effective March 1, 2005, and subject to Senate confirmation.Governor Douglas praised the outgoing chair, Michael Dworkin, for his service. “I want to thank Chairman Dworkin for his service to the people of Vermont,” Douglas said. “He has been a dedicated public servant and his commitment to helping Vermont find the most reliable utility services has been appreciated.”The Public Service Board is a quasi-judicial board that supervises the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont’s public utilities: cable television, electric, gas, telecommunications, water and large wastewater companies.It also reviews the environmental and economic impacts of energy purchases and facilities, the safety of hydroelectric dams, the financial aspects of nuclear plant decommissioning and radioactive waste storage, and the rates paid to independent power producers.last_img read more

Brooks Survey Reveals Personal Facts About Runners

first_imgBrooks Running Company published its second annual Brooks Run Happy Nation Report as part of festivities surrounding National Running Day June 4, detailing some interesting facts about the impact of running on people’s lives.According to the survey, 83% of respondents agree they come up with their best inspiration and ideas while running. The survey also found three-quarters of respondents said they’d be more attracted to someone if they found out he or she was a runner. Half of all surveyed have used running as their pick-up line.“Our mission at Brooks is to inspire everyone to run and be active, and I can’t find much better inspiration than the results of this survey,” said Brooks Senior Director of Global Brand Heather Snavely. “Who doesn’t want to feel healthier, smarter and sexier? And all you need to do is put on a pair of running shoes and log some miles?”Race to the Bedroom· The couple that runs together stays together. An overwhelming majority (71%) of guys and gals believe running together as a couple plays a part in their sex life, for better or for worse. More men (75%) than women (68%) said that logging miles together as a couple increased their mileage between the sheets.· Ladies more so than their male counterparts (63% vs. 37%) admit to being more confident while pounding the pavement.Jog the Brain· City dwellers reported more run-fueled thoughts than rural residents (88% vs. 79%). The fresh air is also key with more respondents reporting their ideas came to them in the great outdoors (85%) vs. inside (76%).· More than half of respondents (56%) run to clear out the cobwebs and hit refresh.· Rain or shine, getting out of the house ranks high as a motivator for 45% of female respondents, compared to 37% of males.Tap into Technology· A majority (78%) of respondents consider technology a running staple. That number rockets to 92% among the younger generation (18-24 year olds).· Smartphones lead the pack as the must-have piece of running technology for 41%, with iPod (36%) and stopwatch (19%) closely following.· Asked to pick a top tune to play on repeat for all 26.2 miles of their marathon, 59% chose the classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.Style Points· Almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents agree that attractive running gear motivates them to get up and out the door.· Frequent racers are more motivated by attractive running apparel than those who compete infrequently (88% vs. 58%).Rise and Run· Early risers lead the bunch with 42% preferring to run before the sun rises. Scattered Sprinters – those who run whenever they have the time – follow with 29%, trailed by Lunchtime Lungers (16%) and Night Owls (12%).· Open trails and scenic views are calling. Forty two percent have, at least once, picked a vacation for its bevvy of running options.· Partnering up is preferable, with 59% saying a jog with a buddy makes it easier to stay on track.Brooks-Running-Trends-2014last_img read more

Why everyone should spend some time as a waiter

first_imgby: Sarah StonerEveryone should be a waiter—or server—at some point in their life.This thought pops up quite often; like a few months ago in Gettysburg, when I was sitting in a restaurant with my husband after an awe-inspiring day at that great battlefield.A sharp whistle from the table next to us had pierced through the noise of happy hour and when I glanced up, I saw a man furiously pantomime-signing a check. I was surprised at his fervor, because it was so crowded and our server had been doing a great job with our table. I couldn’t help but think that, in that moment—even in Gettysburg—some people have trouble with one of our most hard-won propositions as Americans: that we are all created equal and it should reflect in our behavior to each other. Regardless of whether we are with a friend, a client or a stranger serving us seared tuna.The thing about being a server is: you can’t help but embrace this proposition if you want to succeed. I should know, having logged hundreds of hours of long shifts on my feet back in my school days.When you do this day after day, you develop strong intuition and communication capabilities with customers and coworkers from all different backgrounds and situations. It enables you to quickly understand how to meet their needs while multi-tasking (so you avoid being “in the weeds”). Over the years as I advanced my education and career, I realized that the mental, physical and project management skills we servers hone out of necessity translate into empathy, insight and agility that is universally beneficial for any profession. continue reading » 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more